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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Here is my ode to stabbing all liberals that I done gone wrote:

The button glimmers softly with its deep red light.
The commie shrieks, his eyes are bulging, hands are waving.
His appeals so twisted, that neither wrong nor right
can sway him from his futile scramble to pluck at your delight
Your precious joy, your children's hope, your hard earned cash

A knife comes out of nowhere and stabs the commie good
Making the hole of justice in his body
The commie shrieks, his eyes are bulging, hands are waving
Only this time its because we stabbed him!
With the knife!

The body falls, the lies have stopped, another job is done.
The scales are balanced, harm avoided, dogs are safe from hungry commie teeth

And yet, the button beckons, twinkling, softly moaning
Little shivers of delight run through your fingers,
You orgasm in your pants at nasty nasty thoughts,
Of commies, dead, in very large and lubricated piles

The button blinks one final time,
and then, with trembling eagerness, the flaw is fixed, the world made right

The button pushed.


I was reading about Martin Luther, in order so I could figure out how to get the funny hat guy to entertain me by excommunicating me. Here is what the funny hat guy done gone to Martin Luther:

The bull condemned forty-one propositions extracted from Luther?s writings as scandalous, heretical, and damnable. It left room, however, for the recovery of the lost son of the Church if Luther would make proof of the sincerity of his penitence by reading his recantation and committing all of his books to the flames within a sixty-day period. Failing to submit and obey, Luther and all of his adherents were pronounced accursed. All princes and magistrates were enjoined to apprehend and send them to Rome, or banish them fro their country. The towns in which they continued to reside were placed under interdict, and everyone who opposed the publication and execution of the bull was excommunicated from the Church.

Heh. Looks like this was GNU/Excommunication - i.e. it virally infected everything it touched.
However, the guy that was sent by the funny hat guy to convince the king to knock of Luther didn't do so well:

Rome had launched her bull, but she had yet to see it published in every country of Christendom. In order to accomplish this, two nuncios were chosen to attend to the mission?Eck and Aleander. Bearing the bull which he had so large a share in fabricating, Eck viewed himself as the very Atlas who bore up the sinking Roman world. As he passed through German towns, he met with coldness and contempt. His progress was more like that of a fugitive than a conqueror. At times he was even forced to seek shelter in the nearest convent to avoid the popular fury.
The elector?s statement pointed directly to a hearing before the Diet soon to be convened at Worms. Knowing the courage and eloquence of Luther, nothing could have been more disagreeable with Aleander. He dreaded the impression that Luther?s appearance would create, and he had no interest in meeting him in a debate or to win from him any more victories of the sort Eck so loudly boasted. From his travels in Germany, he knew how popular the cause of Protestantism had already become. Wherever it was known that he was the opponent of Luther, it was only with difficulty that he was able to find admittance at a respectable inn; and even in these, the portrait of the monk stared back at him from the walls of almost every bedroom in which he slept. Besides, Luther had already been excommunicated. To grant him a hearing under such circumstances would surely give the appearance that the pope?s sentence might be reversed by secular authority, making the chair of Peter subordinate to the States-General of Germany. On all of these grounds, the papal nuncio was resolved to oppose to the uttermost Luther?s appearance before the Diet.

That's so lame. The pope sucks - couldn't he get an assassin or something?. However this reverse trolling of the pope practiced by the little fuhers (Germans) brings up a good point. We too should hang a picture of W in every teacher's lounge, and in every college classroom. The commies need to know their master. No matter how much the godless commies try to spin the truth, we know what it is. No BBC journalist will save them. Here is an entertaining tidbit about he BBC:

Jeremy Harris, Dr Rowan Williams's secretary for public affairs, wrote a three-page memorandum, entitled Notes towards a Handling Strategy on Gay Issues, outlining how the Church could manipulate the media.

Mr Harris is a former BBC journalist with great influence at Lambeth Palace.

Until next time dead reader,
Good night and don't let the commies bite!

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