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Saturday, November 01, 2003
State of The Blog (Union) Address:

Well, I've just about run out of ideas as to what to do with this internet thing.

Lets recap the results of the First Annual Law Enforcement Trolling Investigation:

1) I came out as Pro Crime.

2) I prayed for God to cook and eat Gray Davis.

3) I said sexual harassment is consentual.

4) I threatened to drain Massachussetts like Sadaam drained the marshes.

5) I offered chimps as prostitutes to congressmen (not sure what's wrong with that, but its gotta be something).

6) I proved that Joe McCarthy was the best American.

7) I threatened to nuke half the major cities in the United States, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Congress specifically.

8) Bush and Sadaam had a debate and Sadaam won.

9) I said all Arabs were mass murdering thieves.

10) I threatened to stab roughly 75% (conservative estimate) of the earth's population for being communist with very specific and credible threats which included threatening to stab the president and all members of political parties for being communist.

11) I made fun of Jews.

12) I made fun of the IRS.

13) I proved that judges are serial killers and serial rapists.

14) I said all laws are contradictory with each other and the constitution.

15) I was sponsored by several terrorist organizations (see sidebar).

16) I said Democracy and Communism was exactly the same thing.

17) I said all voting was a fraud.

18) I voted for Sadaam in the presidential election.

And I even reported myself on several government web sites.

And what was the result of all of this? Zip. Zero. Nothing.

Law Enforcement Completely Failed to be Trolled.

This internet thing is so stupid.
Now what do I do?

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