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Thursday, November 13, 2003
The time has come to face your deepest darkest fear.

Yes, that's right. The fear that all your property will be taken away by a bigger and stronger man.

Many of you think the liberal myth called the US constitution guarantees your right to private property. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. To see the hideous writhing depths of this farce we must first reflect....

Firstly, the constitution is a fraud - the piece of paper allowed slavery, did not let women vote (men...), OK'd the extermination of the Indians, is fine with genocidal wars and mass stealing, and is used to support taxes. How much is such a piece of paper really worth? Hmmmm? How can you condone mass murder and communism, and yet be a shining beacon of freedom? It is a shining beacon of minimum wage employment for British wig wearing cross dressers called judges.

And even all those fancy sounding rights that the constitution and its "Bill for your Rights" talks about you having - well, they've all long since gone bye bye, as the readers of this blog know!

Are other constitutionals better? No, not really. The EuroTrash one is a joke that inspires no one. The Russian constitutional of Vodka just makes Russians even more drunk and stupid.
All these stupid constitutionals talk about some kind of communist rights like those advocated by the UN. Here is the truth about UN style rights:

The 18th century concept of individual rights is founded on the opposite and revolutionary idea -- that each individual is an end in himself, with his (or her) life and happiness as the moral purpose. That's what the United States' founding fathers meant by the individual's right to "life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness." These rights, being "unalienable," cannot be abrogated by government decree or majority vote.

Because these rights apply to each individual, nobody's rights can negate anyone else's. Individual rights are not entitlements to food, shelter, health care, money, love, sex, etc., forcibly extracted from others. They are freedoms of action that a rational being requires to choose and achieve the values that his life and happiness require, actions such as creative thought, productive work, voluntary association and free trade. Only such freedoms can yield peaceful coexistence and prosperity.

Individual rights are precisely what the UN's declaration is designed to destroy. No, it doesn't openly attack individual rights; that would be rejected outright by freer countries. It destroys rights by internal corruption -- by perverting the meaning of rights into its exact opposite.

The declaration first covers what appear to be legitimate rights, such as "the right to life, liberty and security of person," "the right to own property," and freedom of "thought" and "opinion." (The right to pursue happiness is absent, for reasons that will soon become obvious.) It then introduces a series of "economic rights," such as a person's "right" to work, paid holidays, protection against unemployment, social security, free education, and a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care .

If people are entitled to these, who will be forced to provide them? Whose property will be seized to pay for them?

Such "economic rights" obviously contradict the right to liberty and property. There can be no such thing as a right to violate the rights of others. "Economic rights" merely hand government the power to violate individual rights, thereby rendering the individual a slave to the needs and desires of others. They effectively make communism the social ideal. (This is made explicit in Article 29, which states: "Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.")

Well, that the UN economic rights are diarrhetic rabid weasel nonsense, is easily understood by everyone. And yet, something is missing.... The circle is incomplete....

Are the rights to own property, to seek freedom, liberty and happiness really freedoms of action? He says that individual rights are not entitlements to property or any other form of happiness. So, the government can make laws taking away all the sources of your happiness, and in doing this, somehow not restrict your freedom? Preposterous! My friends, this is the freedom that Stalin so graciously gave to people who did not salute him quickly enough - the freedom to die in Siberia. Now we know the truth. The constitution that allows slavery and mass murder was not the shining beacon that we all thought it was. It gives you the right to own property, but it allows the government to declare that all property belongs to the government. This is called the right of the government to "Eminent Domain", or as I like to call it, the right to "Steal all your stuff and enslave your ass". Funny, huh? No, I don't think so either.

And yet, there is something more. We must dig deeper. It is no mystery that the British wig wearing cross dressers who created the "Bill for your Rights" got it wrong. Let us go to the source. Let us see what God says. After all, the constitution is moral and ethical crap. Maybe the insertion of God into it can make it a moral useful document for moral and useful people?

God says:


"To steal means, to most men, to take a material thing that belongs to another. In reality, there are many facets to stealing. First, many men steal the dignity and respect that The Holy Trinity must have, that The Beloved Heavenly Queen must have, and that all men must have for the Church of My Choice.

Men belittle the act of stealing, calling it instinct. In reality, men must know that to take anything they do not come by justly, is against My Will. They must be aware that to steal drains them of purity. Tell them, Moses, no man will steal Heaven, for I will stand in Judgment and no man will be allowed Here until reparation is made, whether the stealing be of material things, any part of man, or the manner in which men walk."

My friends, now you know the full truth. God, the all powerful, is a retarded raving lunatic. Nay, I do not mock God, or disbelieve in him. Quite the opposite, I deeply and religiously believe. I believe that the all powerful He is a mentally disturbed drooling mongoloid.

And what about this so called "property"? Well, we already know it all "belongs" to the government, which merely lends it to you. Do you really persist in the fiction that the government sometimes pretends its yours? What a foolish waste...
But even in remote wilderness, far from the tax collectors, property does not exist. Something that you can not control is not yours. Can you control rocks and mountains? Can you control tigers? Can you control international finance? Can you control floods? No, property belongs to the drooling mongoloid God. It is He that controls all those things. They are His.

So if someone should ask you if they can have your property, tell them: "Sure, God's stuff can go wherever God wants it to go". And make it clear that they can have this bullet from God's gun and this hole from God's knife as an extra bonus. For that is what property IS - it is your ability to overcome your enemies.

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