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Monday, December 27, 2004
False degenerate propaganda "news" propagated by filthy illiterate third grade 30 years held back peasants knows as "journalists" has reached an epidemic proportion. Check out all these so called "funny" cartoons about Rumsfeld supposedly being a bad leader of commie lemming commie stabbers:

Pages and pages of Goebbels and Pravda and NYT like propaganda by diarrhetic welfare queen weasels who couldn't hold down a job in the government to save their own lives.

Imagine, "people" suddenly being concerned about the military not being caring? What is going on? Why must we suffer the outrageous propaganda illusion that the degenerate mass murdering thieves who call themselves Dan rather, journalists and liberals care about anyone? Their orgy of vicious Rumsfeld stabbing is supposed to be motivated by what - love and kindness? Just like their love and kindness of degenerate murderers like Jimmy Carter, Saddam, Ted "Ooops she drowned, leave me alone" and "Big Dig only costs 4 billion pints of blood, tunnel wont leak and we'll put subways in rich neighborhoods, don't worry" Kennedy, Hitler, Stalin? I assume that's exactly the so called caring that is at work here. Their tolerance of the haters of degenerate mass murderers seems pretty low, however.

This is what really happened:

Nowhere was the media's irresponsibility on the Iraq conflict more acutely demonstrated than in the barrage of ugly news reports on Donald Rumsfeld's exchange in Kuwait with Spc. Thomas Wilson, an exchange that is still reverberating across the country. ...
Virtually all the newspaper, magazine, radio, and TV accounts wildly misrepresented what happened next. As the Washington Post's Thomas Ricks "reported" -- and his piece was wholly representative of the media in general --" Rumsfeld replied: 'As you know, you go to war with the Army you have. They're not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time." Rumsfeld, as the media would have it, was blowing off the deepest concerns of our men and women about to be placed in a deadly situation. ...

But the official transcript of the Kuwaiti townhall meeting with the troops ... reveals an entirely different story.

The first words out of Rumsfeld's mouth in response to Wilson were not what the media either said or implied or disclosed in film clips. They were, instead, words of encouragement. Rumsfeld dwelt at length on how much progress the military was making in solving the problem that began materializing a year ago August when the enemy started using explosives to blow up thin-skinned Army vehicles normally used in the rear of the combat zone. Nor was the secretary caught off guard by the question, as the media has suggested.

Rumsfeld talked to about 2,300 soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and civilian laborers at Camp Buehring in northern Kuwait. Contrary to media suggestions, the troops were warm and receptive. The gathering frequently cheered and applauded the defense secretary, as he praised the troops and informed them how important their mission was. They cheered and applauded his remarks in response to their questions, gave him standing ovations and crowded around him for 45 minutes shaking his hand and snapping his picture after he had briefed them. His appearance was also broken up with good-natured laughter. These soldiers were clearly not acting bitterly or ready to mutiny. Those who read the complete transcript of Rumsfeld's appearance as well as the briefing for reporters by Lt. Gen. R. Steven Whitcomb will have a far different understanding of what occurred than if they choose to rely on the news accounts.

Oh and I think like 99% of the humvees in the unit of the about to be deployed soldier who asked the question were uparmored, and all were uparmored, per the original unmodified schedule, one day after.






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this post

Hey Blogger, you got an interesting blog here! I'm definitely bookmarking you right now!

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