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Friday, December 31, 2004
That crazy crackhead cowboy W is not being generous enough with my money! How dare he steal not enough from me! I demand that foreign illiterate retards, who are hated by their own countries, and who lie on the beach all day doing nothing useful, and who take not even the simplest of precautions get all the money I earn! Every cent! Any idiot that builds anything in a precarious location vulnerable to weather must get all my money!

Also, W should be drowning the foreign communists and the UN pervert degenerates with RIVERS of BLOOD AND NUCLEAR FIRE purchased with my money.

As we can see, degenerate UN bureaucrats are not satisfied with W stealing at a rate more than the whole rest of the world combined:

Secretary of State Colin Powell found himself in the position of having to remind the world that over the past four years the United States has provided more such aid than all other nations on the planet combined.

UN dictator thugs have been forced to resort to statistics, not content with simple "money" as a measure, since "money" is a foreign concept to them. Here is what the crocodile tear mass murdering UN terror-crats say:

Jeffrey Sachs, an economist at Columbia University and a specialist on aid to developing countries who has worked with the United Nations, said, ''There is a very big difference between American attitudes, which are generous; beliefs, which is that we do a lot; and the reality. . . . The reality is we actually do very little by comparative measures.

Remember, all your money must be given to the government or the UN. Unless one of those two mafia syndicates distributes your money, it is not doing anything useful! So, why the lies by the murdering jew hating multi colored niggers at the UN and their democratic party enforcer thugs? Aaaah, now I see:

United States President George Bush was tonight accused of trying to undermine the United Nations by setting up a rival coalition to coordinate relief following the Asian tsunami disaster.

The president has announced that the US, Japan, India and Australia would coordinate the world's response.

But former International Development Secretary Clare Short said that role should be left to the UN.

"I think this initiative from America to set up four countries claiming to coordinate sounds like yet another attempt to undermine the UN when it is the best system we have got and the one that needs building up," she said.

"Only really the UN can do that job," she told BBC Radio Four's PM programme.

"It is the only body that has the moral authority. But it can only do it well if it is backed up by the authority of the great powers."

Ms Short said the coalition countries did not have good records on responding to international disasters.

She said the US was "very bad at coordinating with anyone" and India had its own problems to deal with.

"I don't know what that is about but it sounds very much, I am afraid, like the US trying to have a separate operation and not work with the rest of the world through the UN system" she added.

Well, time to string these mutli colored niggers up. Let's be VERY GENEROUS with the rope and the knife. Here is a statistic for you, UN shitheads:


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