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Saturday, February 20, 2010
He flew his plane for about an hour
Targeting the echelon irs tower
Right into the 5th floor, Yahoo!
He didn’t pop them, didn’t push them,
Not our Joe Stack
He wont be a software contractor no more.

Got up that morning calm and cool,
And flew his Cherokee piper
His pound of trusty flesh by his side
He made the IRS man take a nap,
Played them a melody on his piano
And shoved a Tuba up their Bass

Don’t you feel worried for the IRS,
They got your money coming
a plane proof bunker from your bones
is what the cards hold for you and me
We’re going to get our shoes a taken
Our asses swabbed and our dogs shot

Terrorist or patriot? We all know who he was
We see the debt a rising,
the numbers getting washed
Our representatives are representing
The best of the criminal in you and me

He was upset with his representation
In the thief and liar nation
He thought his contract with the IRS was illegal
While the IRS was letting out a giggle
As it pointed the big gun at you and me
But the gun is large,
and its aimed at you and me
So don’t you mispay your taxes
Or misunderestimate the rules
Because the gun is large
And its aimed at you and me

There aint no church exemption
You ain’t preaching to the choir
Our representatives are representing
Or braying and cackling as the case may be

Austin aint no bunch of posers
But dirty greedy hippy scum
Not gonna pay you California income
For working for the man

Joe Stack did sleep well that night
His conscience clear, his motives pure
He checked his numbers while he was in flight
And found them not the slightest bit obscure

Terrorist or patriot, it matters not to us
As we scream vile abuse at our fellow man
And shoot for the glory of the inbred brother land

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