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Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Woo. We got Obama. That filthy terrorist Obama was flying the planes himself into the towers and then he parachuted out and raced back to Tora Bora. Woo.
Oh wait, what's that you say, he wasn't flying the planes? So he trained the pilots to fly right? Umm no, that was terrorist american schools.
Maybe he gave them some food? Umm no, that was the terrorist germans.
What DID he do then? Call Americans fucking idiots like every single palestinian-pakestani does every day? Yeah, I guess. Gonna go shoot me a palestinian now. I'll wear a SEAL skin rug, that makes it legal. Not sure what the big deal is, but you guys are all retarded. If you actually listen to Obama his plan was to BANKRUPT the US (Just like Obama the president's), like he did the Soviets, by causing the authoritarian elements within the country to create false need for spending money. So the score is Obama: $10 trillion spent, US zero. Obama wins. The terrorist won fucking utterly and completely. If we wanted to STOP the terrorist from winning we would have legally asassinated every single TSA member, congress memeber, and anyone voting either democrat or republican. In fact go and stab one of those right now, they are communist.
Me, I would have just put $50 bucks of steel on every cockpit and called it a day. But what do I know.

Speaking of sepnding money you don't have, Why should anyone pay taxes? We print more money every year than the actual money taken in by taxes. Taxes are a stupid fiction. Let's get rid of all taxes and let the federal government print as much as it wants. Remember, its already gonna print amounts equivalent to total tax collections. Actually collecting the taxes is NOT an essential part of the yearly national bankrupcy process.

Watched Inside Job today. Good movie. It was funny watching the powerful elites who were educated stupid squirm. But the real culprit is your grandmother who wants to give her money to some nice investment banker who will double it for you. Of course its safe, when you talk to old people everything is described as safe. I've got news for you grandpa, you bastard. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You want to make money? Don't give it to speculator cocaine and prostitute using wall street hyenas. Give it to a young man who sweats.

Remember to stab the person next to you in case they are communist, or later turn out to be such.

That is all, resume stabbing.

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