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Friday, October 17, 2003
Everyone check out this flash soundboard where you can make Arnold say about 100 of his famous one liners on command. I highly recommend anything with curse words and exclamation marks. My favorite is the one marked "RAM STOMACH"
If you're weak and puny and can't handle Arnold's manliness, I recommend Samuel L Jackson's flash soundboard. My favorite is "English motherfucker. Do you speak it?"

Speaking of cursing, I'm very glad the Red Sox lost yesterday. I was watching the Yankess batter in the last inning, and he hit a homer exactly when I wanted. The CIA should buy my mind control device. Why do I hate the Red Sox, you ask? Its because their fans are liberals and say things like this (I'm not kidding):

1) The Red Sox have a good "afterbirth" this year. You get a good afterbirth in Fenway (the stadium).

2) We just want a good clean game (said about the game that the Red Sox needed to win to advance)

What part of baseball don't these people understand?

*I* understand baseball. You hit things with sticks. What's the problem here? Could it be that the Red Sox are located in the middle of a BUNCH OF COMMIES????

Its not the curse of Babe Ruth, its the curse of socialism. A SELF INFLICTED curse. Red Sox fans are like self blowing up Palestinians. And the Red Sox are the Jews.

In unrelated news, I bought the computer game Max Payne 2 yesterday. You play a trigger happy cop who is in a film noir type story having a love affair. The story is really well done, and you really feel like Max is a real person due to the graphic novel style storyboard style transition panels that happen every 10 minutes or so.

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