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Thursday, October 09, 2003
I am very happy to have discovered some more bad communists on the internet. I think they are located somewhere in the IRAQ root level domain.
A few short months ago, this group of people were loyal patriotic paragons of perfect Russian style socialism, with a leader who patterned himself after Stalin, right down to the statues, moustache and cult of personality. Then, overnight, some Texan comes along and goes on a vicious unprovoked statue molesting spree. Somehow, this outrageous statue groping totally changes the IRAQi people so they forget all about their elite skills at practicing communism and start saying horrific things like this (that only a utterly incompetent communist would say):

Iraqis like others insist on their rights for Dignity, Freedom, Justice and Peace. Asserting these rights is the foundation for tomorrow's Iraq. The dignity of a human being in Iraq will be protected without exception, without consideration for social status, political position and economic situation. We will not give away the dignity of an accused even if convicted guilty. We begin with dignity because the previous regime worked to convince the Iraqi that his dignity is an endowment from the ruler. We confirm today that the dignity of the nation stems from the dignity of each citizen in it.

As with dignity, so too freedom. Freedom is not a gift from the ruler and the state. It is a principle, a basis and the essence of a human being. Responsible freedom that does not impinge upon the freedom of others is the core of the social contract. Despite the excesses that outsiders and infiltrators have inflicted, with the fall of the repressive regime, Iraqis have proven to themselves that freedom is not chaos.

and this:

The new Iraq will certainly uphold all human rights, starting with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including of course the right of man to life, property and the pursuit of happiness.

Heh. Property. Heh. I guess the little buggers didn't like their stuff (like oil) taken away, huh, Rumsfeld?

Hey, I was wondering.
Sadaam, in one of his big crimes, drained the marshes. Is there any way we can drain the swamp of Massachussetts and move that crazy statue molesting texan and his kin in? Heh.


I stand in front of you today representing the voice of the Iraqi citizen who has long suffered from cruelty within and outside his homeland. Those within his country have inflicted on him the worst kinds of torture: they have attacked his honour, betrayed his family, humiliated him, enchained him and thrown him into miserable wars. His brothers and friends in the region not only maintained silence, ignorance and blindness toward his catastrophe, they also criticised him and shamed him the day he dared raise his voice. And throughout the world, those that stood to benefit scrambled to trade and work with his torturer.
To those who stood with the dictator and who continue to question the intentions of the American and British governments in undertaking this liberation, we invite you to come and visit the mass graves where half a million of our citizens lie, come and visit the dried up marshes, come and visit Halabja where chemicals were dropped on civilians, come and examine the lists of the disappeared whose right to live was taken away from them by Saddam Hussein. And we the Iraqi people will ask you why you chose to remain silent.

Fuck France. Heh. Heh. Heh.

So, having read the horrific words above, I am forced to issue a sober warning:
Unless you want to be a bad bad bad communist, watch out for that crazy statue hating Texan and his fucking life, property and the pursuit of happiness. Heh.

So, how much is a good texan style troll like this worth? Huh?

P.S. Don't get me wrong. I love the violent commie hating Rumsfeld and hope he strangles lots of people.

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