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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
I do not regularly ask God for favors, but this morning I started off with a prayer:

Dear God,
Please, please eat the mentally disturbed and held back Gray Davis, who thinks the first real election held in the United States in 100 years is a right wing cospiracy. How can something so beautiful, with so many gorgeous candidates, and without the vile political mafia primaries be wrong?

For the Gray there is only one reward. I suggest a saute with onions, with a light cream sauce, and a California wine.

Also, while you are on a murderous rampage, please take out the fat greaseball straight into the trash. We need less fat in our diets.

Although you have a very developed sense of irony and you might think its fitting that Califronia be governed by the man that makes the best movies (Larry Flynt), I urge you to leave it up to the people.


P.S. Why haven't you killed that fucker Allah yet, you incompetent scum. What, you think we can't recall YOU?

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