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Sunday, October 05, 2003
I hate commies. They should all be cooked and eaten.

Recently I've been thinking about the evil influence of baseball and why crime is good for you.

You've heard of the "three strikes and yer out" laws, right?

That's the ones where we lock up a guy for 17 years when he robs a cash register for 50 dollars, so he can eat some food because his minimum wage job doesn't cut it.

So lets see (putting on my math tin foil hat with mind protection),
17 years times $30,000 dollars a year to lock up a commie, divided by 50 dollars per robbery =
10,000 robberies!

Which means robbing the conviniece store EVERY DAY for 27 straight years!
So the justification for robbing the citizens 10,000 times is baseball logic. We wouldn't have this 3 strikes bullshit, IF NOT FOR FUCKING BASEBALL!!!!!

Who is it really that's the criminal here? Is it the guy that commiteed one robbery or the people that committed 10,000 robberries of honest tax payers (people not like Ariana Huffington, who paid no taxes)? Who has stolen who's base? Who has corrupted who's society with its mindless mind control concepts?

To my sadness, the rational, fair and balanced position on this is clear.

The time to get shot up against the wall has come, Sadaam Lover. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who is against any kind of minor crime should be SHOT IMMEDIATELY. With a very big mean gun. And then beaten up with a baseball bat. And after they are dead, we can chase them around with a riding lawnmower and try to run over them.

What communists don't understand is that minor crime is an efficient way of redistributing charity because hungry "criminals" often rob the fat cats - just like democrats rob the fat cats, except more efficiently (which means they can steal less money for the same result). Isn't it funny how criminals, the big bad boogeymen of our society, steal less money than the democrats? Perhaps we should outsource the role of "loyal" opposition to the criminals, hmmm?

A picture of some commies:

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