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Tuesday, October 14, 2003
I just finished reading L.E. Modesitt JR'S BOOK "The Ethos Effect".
It is a very thoughtful philosophical look at one man's decision to use evil to resist evil. The Space Opera has the elements of:
weak minded fools not resisting evil men
using mass killing to destroy the cancer of evil.

The author also points out that stealing and the redistribution of resources is morally equivalent to killing. All of these things make this thoughtful and careful book highly relevant to geopolitical issues today.

The author is not a sick twisted pansy like the democrats and the French. By the end of the book the main character works his way up to nuking the home world of the cancerous invading society (btw that society uses religion to justify conquest and repression).

Frankly I think we need to nuke more cities. The last time we used nukes, it had a very positive effect on the world, although it made the Russians paranoid for 50 years, but hey, lets face it - the Russians would have been paranoid anyway.

Here are the places the main character would nuke if he lived in today's world and was given the solemn responsibility (and the weapons) of nuking things by an all wise alien species with implicit faith in his judgment:

1) Paris - just for general vermin extermination, and to stop the lazy people there from stealing
2) Saudi Arabia - Makes it easier to steal the oil, and we don't have to pay them money which corrupts them (* This is an excellent point made by the Arabs and I commend them for it).
3) Washington DC - There is no one who actually thinks these people have a net positive effect, is there? They steal so much, that its obvious there would be a net benefit (even in lives, not just in dollars - just ask the democrats) if the stealing was forcibly stopped.
4) Canada - just for practice - does anyone really live there? I didn't think so
5) The UN - yes, New York will have to go, but its a small price to pay for the loss of productivity caused when republicans listen to what people in the UN say and foam at the mouth.

I recognize that some of you may be uncomfortable with translating lives to dollars (except for those people in the government) and with so much nuking, so, to be fair, we will let all the prisoners on death row vote each nuking up or down.
Also, we would give an Arab American FBI agent (that was denied promotions after 9/11 and forcibly injected with a tracking device in the butt) 10 seconds to run inside the missile complex and try to disarm the missile. It would probably be about a 2 mile run.

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