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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
I usually don't stoop to making fun of Russians. It's as easy as eating pickled herring and drinking vodka. However, this is just too good to pass up:

"I cannot rule out that the bureaucrats in the so-called power agencies have gotten a taste of power and they clearly want more," Boris Nemtsov, co-leader of the Union of Right Forces, was quoted in Tuesday's Nezavisimaya Gazeta as saying. "The recent course of events could well indicate that they are flexing their muscles and flaunting their impunity, aiming at full control of the political, personal and economic activities in the country."

Gee, Mr Commie - does that by any chance sound like some political system you were under for the last 70 years? You know, the one that your neighbors supported? Ring any bells? You can take Russian from the communists, but you can't remove the communism from the Russian....

Oh, and check this out:

Back in the late 1980s, when the future oligarchs were just getting started in a frenzy of dirt and blood, each faced an impossible task: dealing with the thugs who walked into their offices, stuck guns to their heads and demanded money, without turning into thugs themselves. They solved this problem by amassing security forces and privatizing the state along with the cops and the prosecutors.

They took care of the thugs and the "red directors." They got their man elected president in 1996 by raping the country and denying it the necessary vaccination in the form of a weakened, moribund culture of communism. Then, instead of disarming and disbanding their privatized police forces, the oligarchs began to battle one another. They taught the prosecutors how to use criminal investigations to pry factories away from their owners.

They created Frankenstein, but Frankenstein did not obey his master for long. "Why work for them when I can work for myself?" Frankenstein thought to himself. And when the oligarchs decided to be squeaky clean, it was too late. The crud had hardened and it wouldn't wash off.

The victims of a coup are always those most responsible for bringing it about. But the reverse is also true. Those who stage a coup always become its hostages, like NKVD chiefs Yagoda and Yezhov, executed by the man sent to replace them.

Two things happened on Saturday, one obvious, the other less so. Mikhail Khodorkovsky was obviously deprived of his freedom, perhaps temporarily. Less obviously, Putin lost power.

Boy, the judicial branch locks up someone important and the Russians go all paranoid. "What the hell is this court and rule of law crap? We thought Putin was in charge." Don't worry commies, just keep believing that you're commies, and you will be.

God, I feel dirty even taking about them. Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab

Good thing I can always count on Rumsfeld going on a killing spree to cheer me up!

I've noticed a lot of idiocy in the media ether lately. Someone blew up a whole bunch of police stations in Iraq, and the media is in hysterics that something bad happened. Bad? Baaaaaad? Can these people get any stupider? Basically Iraq is like Nazi(and present day) Germany - at some point the people that want to gas and kill and make lampshades and feed to the lions anyone who doesn't obey them have to have a vicious all out war with people that won't stand that kind of crap. Look at it this way - a pedophile baby killer isn't going to be able to live quietly next to a kindergarten for long. BTW, notice how its the other iraqis that were attacked, not the US soldiers. The death rate for US soldiers is still way less than for a black man living in the slums in Washington DC or Detroit. Sadaam Hussein didn't oppress the Iraqis - they oppressed themselves. The normal 40% of the population just have to get some guns and kill the stupid 60%. If I were them, I would enlist the help of the jooooooooooooos.

Anyway, making fun of people who follow Commieslam is too easy - their religion doesn't leave them any room to defend themselves - after all, if you've got Mohammed for a prophet and a great man like Ayatollah Khomeini leading you, how much do you really have to say about morality?

A non commie would never have this problem, because a non commie has free will and doesn't have to follow anyone.

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