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Sunday, October 26, 2003
I was just reading the web site of those poor deluded fools I talked about in my last post - you know the ones that think the judicial branch will tell them that the money that pays the salaries of the judicial branch should not keep on coming. Heh. Losers. They had an example on their website of what happened to a guy that didn't withhold (i.e steal and give to the commies) the commie slice of the pie from his employees paychecks:

Simkanin then became a target of a Texas federal grand jury in 2001. Simkanin asked to meet with the Grand Jury. He did. He explained to the members of the grand jury the basis of his decision to stop withholding. Each member of the grand jury received certain materials that Simkanin wanted them to read. The 2001 grand jury did not indict Simkanin.
Simkanin was also a target of the subsequent 2002 grand jury. Simkanin again asked to meet with the Grand Jury. He did. He again explained to the members of the grand jury the basis of his decision to stop withholding. Each member of the 2002 grand jury graciously received certain materials that Simkanin wanted them to read. The 2002 grand jury did not indict Simkanin.
Seven months went by following Simkanin's last meeting with the 2002 grand jury. Simkanin heard nothing. He assumed he was no longer a target.

Suddenly, in May of 2003, Simkanin was notified by the DOJ that he was a target of the 2003 federal grand jury and that the DOJ was asking the grand jury for an indictment. Simkanin told DOJ he wanted to meet with the grand jury. He received no response.

Eventually, Simkanin received a Subpoena directing him to appear before the grand jury on June 18, 2003 with his books and records. On June 18th Simkanin showed up with 25 copies of the same information he had delivered to the 2002 grand jury. The grand jury foreman told Simkanin to return the next day to make his presentation and to hand his printed information to the members of the grand jury.

The next day, on June 19, 2003, Simkanin arrived outside the door of the grand jury room with the material for the grand jury. Instead of being allowed in to talk to the grand jury, he was met by the Assistant U.S. Attorney (David Jarvis) who told Dick he was free to leave because the grand jury would not be hearing from Simkanin. Simkanin demanded to be allowed in to present his exculpatory evidence to the grand jury.

Jarvis went in and returned with the jury foreman. Jarvis got the foreman to tell Simkanin the grand jury was not interested in hearing from Simkanin. Simkanin was, therefore, denied the opportunity to meet and inform the 2003 grand jury of the results of his research and his beliefs, as he had been able to do with the 2001 and 2002 grand juries.
Then there is a long interesting story about he was railroaded by a whole bunch of commies who shuttled him from one death camp to another. Anyway, so eventually the criminal commie judges put him in the death and rape camps (prison).
On or about September 26, 2003, McColl informed Simkanin that instead of responding to his motions, DOJ was offering Simkanin a deal: if Simkanin would plead guilty to one count of violating 26 USC 7202 (a penalty statute!), DOJ would drop the other counts under 7202 and all the counts under 18 USC 287. This would mean Simkanin's sentence would be 36 months including time already spent. McColl also informed Simkanin that in the next day or so he was going to be allowed a visit by his wife.

McColl also informed Simkanin that McBryde had set the sentencing hearing for January 2, 2004 and that there was a possibility that if Simkanin accepted the plea bargain before McBryde on September 30, 2003, there was a good chance Simkanin could go home until January 2, 2004, the date of the sentencing hearing.

On September 27, 2003, Simkanin's wife visited him at the prison and pleaded with him to accept the plea bargain and come home.

On September 30, 2003, Simkanin formally agreed to the terms of the plea agreement.
Simkanin is still incarcerated. It appears he will not be released prior to sentencing.

Sad, very sad. Well, anyone with half a brain in his head would have detected several big lies that the poor deluded fools believed:

1) That the laws are non contradictory.

This is obviously not true. I don't know, but I expect at least 95% of the laws are obviously contradictory. I don't have enough free time in my life to read all the laws, and yet I am supposed to follow them to the letter (only idiots would let themselves be governed by such a system - there should have been a hard limit on congress of 5 laws, no more than 500 words each). The main thing everything contradicts is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Anyone with half a brain in their head would have detected that the laws on murder are clearly contradictory. There is supposedly a law saying that murder is punished. Yet this law is not enforced to such a degree, that its obvious to everyone. Presidents, generals and heads of major corporations can murder at will - all they have to do is invoke some code word like "security" or "profitability" and the vast machine made up of commies will align behind their actions. Cops can murder cop killers at will. Most law enforcement authorities can murder anyone with a small dark object in their hands at will (they just say its a gun) - if the story is convincing, no punishment is meted out. Presidents can make us go to war, and then the army murders foreigners at will (all for the sake of "security", or "profitability", or "natural resources", or stopping the "commie menace" for the sake of getting elected). Of-course, only agents of the machine are allowed to murder foreigners in america at will. After all we don't want Texans shooting foreigners like the UN's Kofi Annan for telling us we can't have guns, do we? That was an ironical question. Of-course we do.

And the best examples of murderers? Judges. In a typical death penalty trial, the only known rapist and murderer in the courtroom is the judge - because he most likely caused previous murderers (whom he knew were murderers with a 50% chance - In other words he had no clue) and rapists in previous trials to be murdered and raped as part of their penalty.

Another big lie is that:

2) The judges care about you.

No they don't. They are just random bureaucrats - some good, some bad. Most will act to perpetuate the system. The only one who might care is the jury. Judges are generally concerned that the commie ordered stealing is done in an orderly manner, and that the folks don't get to uppity. Their interest in you is very limited. Think of their profession - they see and endless parade of people every day, 200% of which are probably lying. Why would they care?

Anyway, I just like to focus on stabbing commies. Thinking about why some system, like voting or the UN, (that the commies put in place) is bad is a loosing proposition.

This is the truth about the UN:
All communism is predicated on the individual having no rights, and the UN is a vicious tool of commies to take away all your rights. The UN was founded by agents and spies of communism to make this 10 year plan happen.

Stab Communism and the UN where it stands.

In other news, I found this interesting article puportedly exposing voting fraud perpetrated to keep republicans in power. Its obviously a bunch of crap. The people let themselves vote in an ANONYMOUS, ELECTRONIC voting system. Anything that happens is a pure consequence of those 2 facts. Its our duty as commie stabbers, to make the outcome of that system by which the commies rule themselves, as painful as possible for the commies.

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