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Sunday, October 05, 2003
I was reading my favorite (or at least the one I find most coherent) piss on america rag,
the Asia Times, and I stumbled on this wonderful article: about media bias. Here is the article in visual form:
biased news
The misconceptions themselves are interesting (and not lies in the republican sense and are lies in the democrat sense), but what I really want to talk about is the questions. Here are my ideas of good questions:
1) Which is more dangerous to the survival of your children -- buying a handgun or putting in a swimming pool ?
2) Is the "Health Care Crisis" an issue made up by democrats to scare people into voting for them?
3) Are democrats more elitist than republicans?
4) Do you get your news by reading 4 or more sources with 4 radically different points of view?

For my democrat friends, you see its a matter of WHICH misconceptions you focus on. Are any of you people upset that publically funded PBS/NPR is not bothering to provide unbiased news? After all, to see if you are biased, you just need to ASK. Nothing simpler than that.

For my republican friends, don't worry, its IS still legal to shoot foreign trash. And the real opinion that matters here is that of the IRAQis. IRAQis KNOW that "Weapons of Mass Destruction are a danger to everyone" means "things that destroy lots of people" in the hands of mass murdering rapists who were encouraging terrorists everywhere.
You see, the IRAQis don't need to get elected US president, and they don't speak english very well, so they tend to "misinterepret" what WMD means to be something that won't get a democrat elected. IRAQIs are also not up and up about the whole weapons vs programs distinction, since whether it takes Sadaam 30 minutes to make the poision to kill their village, or if Sadaam uses an already existing weapon (like a nice french russian bomb), or if he merely threatens to gas them like he's done before, is kind of irrelevant to them. Silly IRAQis! How partisan of them to be such republicans. Oh well, can't win them all! I'm sure they'll make fine democrats one day!

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