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Monday, October 27, 2003
Someone sent me this tidbit from Slashdot:

Furthermore, if democracy is so grand, why aren't companies democratic? As well, if this is a republic, why don't we own our workplaces.

More than 50% of working Americans own stock in publicly traded companies. That stock usually comes with voting rights for the owners. This makes companies both owned by the workers, and democratic.

This is an awesome observation. For anyone else who doubted that this so called voting is a communist mind control plot, this should be like a bolt from the blue. Working in chains, and in a grey prison, for your CEO masters, is democracy. Think about it folks. I always play it safe in these tests of communist loyalty and vote directly for the best communist for the job - usually Stalin, or Mao, or other more modern dictators like Bush and Sadaam. Please vote for one of these communists or this will happen to you .
Why is it that every time I vote, my money gets stolen? (For the non chief positions, I never vote for the looters) And then I am told that I had my chance and I voted to have my money stolen. Everyone knows voting is pure fraud. As a crystal clear example - think - do they count write in votes? No they do not - they are never recorded. So even if you write in someone already on the ballot, it is never ever counted. The machines are trained to not recognize or transmit your vote. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And the further beauty of this mind control system? The votes are anonymous and electronic. This means that you can never ever verify your vote. You will never see your name under a column for your candidate. Because you are a sheep and participate in this voting thing which is deliberately designed so that you can not verify that your vote was counted correctly.



You have to realize that real candidates are not even allowed to get on the ballot. For example, why can't a candidate who went on a rampage and shot every communist in Massachusetts get on the ballot? Why because he is a "felon", or some such. The fact that these people needed killin is irrelevant. Think about it - a real man would have shot and maimed his enemies because of the injustices done to him - yet felons can not get on the ballot, much less vote. Stalin? - OK, Felon? - No. Yessssss. I see.

Some people will give you false statistics saying that your vote (but only for the elite approved candidates on the ballot) was actually counted. Do not be deceived.
Any statistic you hear has the same validity as this:

When the communist rule of China approached the end of its first decade, the gap between its plans and reality had widened so much that it was necessary to implement some drastic measures. If the statistics did not show the great success of the communist system, the statistics had to be changed.
When Mao Zedong launched the fierce economic campaign for rapid industrialization in the Great Leap Forward, the crippled statistical system reported what the leaders wanted to hear. The famine during this Great Leap Forward was partly the result of grossly inflated agricultural production statistics, which lulled the national leaders into self confidence and prevented the timely implementation of crisis relief efforts.

Yes, that's right. Communist statistics kill millions. And so does communist reporting like that of the New York Times which reported that there was no famine in the Ukraine perpetrated by Stalin. The reporter who did that got a pulitzer for accurate insightful reporting. Just like that "Ambassador" who went to Niger to investigate uranium purchases by sipping tea at the embassy with high Niger officials.

So go ahead and listen to the communists. Everything is OK. Rent is not $1000 per 500 sq feet. Houses are not $300,000. Milk is not $3 dollars a gallon and Gas is not $2 per gallon.

Men, women and children -- skin and bones -- were begging for pitiful handfuls of grains while Stalin's henchmen stood guard over full granaries and turned them away.

Yes, my readers. Death by government. Death by communist democracy.


4. 61,911,000 Murdered: The Soviet Gulag State
5. 35,236,000 Murdered: The Communist Chinese Ant Hill
6. 20,946,000 Murdered: The Nazi Genocide State
7. 10,214,000 Murdered: The Depraved Nationalist Regime

Oh, and is the government winning the war on terror? The war on Communism? The war on itself?

At first blush, New Jersey's District Attorney's office seems like a model of federal law enforcement in the war against terrorism. In the year after 9/11, after all, they nabbed 62 individuals for acts of "international terrorism"--individuals who, arguably, would no longer be threatening American lives. But on closer inspection, there's less to this success story than meets the eye. Sixty of the 62 international terrorists, according to a March story in The Philadelphia Inquirer, turned out to be Middle Eastern students who had cheated on a test; specifically, they had paid others to take an English proficiency exam required for college or graduate school

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