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Saturday, October 25, 2003
Taxes! Is there anything that makes commies more excited? What else could make a commie twitch uncontrollably and jerk around, like the promise of a tight smooth wad of hard earned cash from a capitalist?

The commies want our money and they aim to stick their hands in our pocket and feel around until they get what they want. They plan to slowly and methodically put their hands in and out of our pockets until their hands are overflowing with a big load of cash. The Commies are like mad British schoolboys with erections, waving their warped little commie wands in the breeze to lure the innocent capitalist naive cash into their grasp.

Some people talk about excise taxes, some about flat taxes, others want to tax stupidity.
All of this is wrong. Taxes is just stealing. It don't matter what kind it is.
If the government is going to steal, I want to know what its going to do with my money, and when it buys itself hookers and gold platted ashtrays, and statues of Stalin, I want to hire the Russian mafia to force it to stand on the street corner and work for its money.

Recently, some poor deluded fools have decided that if they send some questions to random leader commies in the government, and if those commies don't answer those questions, then they can not pay their taxes until the commies answer. That's like saying we should keep asking a serial killer how he could possibly be so evil, until the serial killer changes his ways. Well, they are about to feel the awesome power of the mighty commie shaft.

What is to be done against this vicious commie groping and stroking? Is there anything the commies won't interpret as a tease? When I say "Don't tax me", a commie hears "Take my money please". Comrades, the vicious capitalist orgy is at an end, and the commie salad tossing is just beginning.

Me, I just want to stab commies, but I bet that pretty soon they'll tax that too.

Sorry, I apologize for that post. That's what I get for watching the South Park "Metrosexual" episode.

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