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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Tonight's subject is Jews, Arabs, and robots. Oh and stabbing commies, of-course.

Evidently, the commies are having some kind of pow wow over there somewhere. Well, it turns out that one of the head commies stands up and says this about the Jews:

BANGKOK (Reuters) - An unrepentant Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad repeated Tuesday his belief that Jews rule the world, denied President Bush (news - web sites) had rebuked him for it and hit out at Australian leader John Howard.
Mahathir, who has always had a prickly relationship with his counterparts from Canberra whom he accuses of trying to be the U.S. 'deputy sheriff' in Asia, said Howard was merely performing to type.
"There's a fondness among leaders in Australia, prime ministers of Australia, to make nasty comments like calling me recalcitrant, et cetera," he said."
"John Howard did the same thing, repeatedly, even casting aspersions on our judicial system, as if we do not understand law, we don't understand fair deal and justice."
"In fact, we do. We had a very good history of treating our aborigines, for example. We didn't shoot them dead. We didn't commit genocide. So when making criticism of other people, please look at your own background and temper it with some humility."
News accounts had ignored his condemnation of all violence, including suicide bombings, and his call on Muslims to heed the teachings of the Koran and talk peace with Israel, he said.

Asked why he thought this was the case, Mahathir replied: "Well, many newspapers are owned by Jews. They only see that angle and they have a powerful influence over the thinking of many people. Only their side of the picture is given now."

When I read that I said to myself: "Now just wait a commie stabbing second here, Bad Commie. Why hasn't anyone stabbed this commie yet?"

After I was done speculating, educating and gesticulating about why the cruel injustice in this world was letting this unrepentant commie go unstabbed, I thought I'd think about what this commie was going on about (while stabbing commies over here, of-course, don't go soft on me now).

First of all, why would I care why the mass murdering, mass stealing, leader obeying commies like the Arabs say about anyone, much less them Jews or whatever they was? Well I don't. Stabbing commies is what I do best, not listening to them. You want someone to listen to commies ? - go to the democrat party.

But since the knives I was going to buy yesterday were incapable of reaching this commie to stab him where ever he was, I thought I'd first.... Wait, what??? The knives can't stab the commies??? Fucking defective knives, I gotta return them...

Anyway, back to these Jews that are a problem for the commies.
Why didn't the chief commie pinhead (as if there were commies that weren't pinheads) say something accurate like this:

"The influence of Jews, is greater than the influence of Muslims, when normalized against population."
"Looking deeply into my soul, there is only one obvious explanation for this - because Muslims are retarded commies."
"I have decided to hire some Jews to run the country so we can be rich like America. I, for one, welcome our new Zionist overlords."

Anyway, the reason he didn't say that is because he is a commie. I hope someone stabs him. And that's all I gotta say about that.

On another very disturbing note, I was reading the commie slashdot, and I noticed that people were pointing out that the only reason all communism ends in Stalin, Hitler, Sadaam, RMS, Mao, etc is that human beings, being imperfect, can not consistently follow whatever ridiculous ideology the commies think makes up communism.
Well, this is clearly wrong, because it isn't the ideology that matters, its letting the fucking chief commie, or commie group tell you what to do. That's all it takes - authority, and you got commie central in no time flat.
And then someone was pointing out that we got all these robots now, and that robots can follow the rules, and so can successfully carry out whatever ideology they want. Like Communism.

Fuck. What do I do now? How the hell am I supposed to stab commie robots, anyone know?

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