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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Yippe! Arnold is in! I can't wait for him to do something entertaining. I hope he runs over some smelly hippie with a hummer.

All those useless liberal elitists can do is talk about how stupid the voters were, how Arnold has no plan (he had the most detailed one out of all the candidates), and how Gray lost his job because Bush ruined the economy. Of-course, it has nothing to do with the incompetence of democrats.
Want proof?
Then you are clearly a liberal and must be shot. Heh.
But you can read this leftist drivel for some very entertaining discussion.

From the Metafilter thread:
"Oh, and he molested women. Non of "our" candidates ever do that. Plus the man can't even say "blow jobs" right. PLO CHOPS?! What the hell! He tawks funny! He's a furriner! I mean... er... wait... isn't "furriner" what /those sort/ say?"

About the groping, let me clarify it for you: Calling anyone who was groped by Arnold any kind of a victim is sheer idiocy. What woman wouldn't want the most desirable man in the world (Mr Universe, remember) groping her? After all, that means that the most desirable man desires ***her***. Get it? I'll Win one for the Groper any day.

Speaking of democrats, I don't know why they keep on missing that the dot commie bubble popped in Clinton's last year and that California was probably singlehandedly responsible for it. Of Course, from a tehcnical level, the pop was mainly due to that communist operating system called Linux. Excuse me that's GNU/Hitler/Stalin/Linux.

BTW, I was a very strong Clinton supporter because I am pro blow job (and pork chop) and pro president - pretty much any president.
I would much rather shoot (for the FBI agents - I mean "hold accountable", everyone else - I mean shoot) all of congress, than shoot the president. After all, its congress that makes the laws that annoy us (oh and the president has all the guns).

Unfortunately, Clinton (or his self assigned help - Monica) never blew me. I can only hope this disturbing trend of no blow jobs will be broken when I elect Hillary in 2008, so I can watch the right wingers froth at the mouth.

P.S. To the FBI Agents - why haven't you fuckers caught Osama yet? What, you think I care that you're the wrong three letter acronym?

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