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Saturday, November 08, 2003
My God! How can someone sink so low?

I was recently searching the internet for cockroach squishing (i.e. pointy toed) leather ostrich boots, so I could impress all the illiterate Mexicans here in Texas.

So I search google for: leather boots texas
and I get back some nice results for Texas leather boots.
However, just for kicks, I search google for: leather boots massachusetts.

Leather Boots Gay
... white Gay Cigar Fetish would you like to help me finish, stevie whispered
softly. massachussetts nice tip, huh. ... denver. Leather Boots Gay. leather_boots_gay.html - Similar pages

Denver Gay Leather Bar
... vidoes Rubber Boots Sniff Gay Gay Sniff Boots Rubber. ... Gay Leather Club. ... massachussetts
Gay uh, well, he said slowly, i guess i really dont know much of anything ... denver_gay_leather_bar.html - Similar pages
[ More results from ]

Leather Boots Gay
... massachussetts Leather Boots Gay krista leaned back in her seat and
replied, thank you, miss redmond, i certainly appreciate it. ... leather-boots-gay.html - Similar pages

Pictures Of Hot Gay Trucker's-high Leather WORK BOOTS
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Pictures Of Hot Gay Trucker's-high Leather WORK BOOTS now deciding to ... pictures-of-hot-gay-truckers-high-leather-WORK-BOOTS.html - Similar pages

Gay Spanking Drawings
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Leather Uniform Gay
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Gay Giant Foot Fetish Stories the only way to take the pain ... Leather Chaps Gay. ... Leather-Uniform-Gay.html - Similar pages
[ More results from ]

This shocked me speechless. It was so horrible, I was struck mute. How dare the fucking godless commies in the swamp of frozen communism up north pervert leather boots, the boots worn by ALL the heroes of America, into a gay fetish? How dare these cowards! I am livid. I am mad beyond belief. THIS TIME THEY HAVE GONE TOO FAR. THIS MEANS WAR! AS LONG AS I DRAW BREATH, I WILL NOT REST UNTIL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS STABBED! I SWEAR BY THE HOLY GOD!

Hoping to take the taste of this horrible tragedy out of my mouth, I decided to read the newspapers. I see that the economy is recovering, according to the New York Times. New jobs are being created, and unemployment is falling. 3 Months of Job Growth Best in 3 Years says the communist propaganda official newspaper - The New York Times.
And then, events took a fatal turn, I started thinking.
Why would the communists print something that guarantees Bush the next election?
It's obvious - only because what they print is lies that they plan to attribute to Bush later and blame him for telling.

Americans, its time to face the truth about your so called unemployment.
You will not read the truth from the raving lunatic communists like John Kerry or Ted KKKennedy, nor the weak ineffective communists like George Bush or Bill Oreilley. BUT YOU WILL READ IT HERE:

Any unemployment number must count men, women, children, and old people. It must count artists, musicians, mimes, street corner performers, prisoners, soldiers, day laborers, illegal immigrant farm workers, temps, part time janitors and consultants. The so called numbers seen in the communist times count none of these. Why don't we count people who don't want to work, or for whom it is not socially acceptable to work (like CEOs and other high society)? And even when all these people are counted, and we get a real unemployment number somewhere between 30-60%, that is still not the truth. Are you ready? Can you handle the truth? We will see, we will see....

Real unemployment must include a judgment about Moral and Useful Work. Work that helps and not hurts. Positive work, and not negative work.
Is a bureaucrat that works for a large chemical company to hide its mass murders really a worker? No, he obviously is a criminal. Is he counted as one? No. Are homeless people workers? After all they provide employment and entertainment and self justification for other people who like to oppress/help [same thing] them, do they not? Is a government worker, really a worker or a mass murderer? What if the government worker does nothing useful? What about a general that orders mass murder? Surely there is SOMEONE, responsible for the mass murder? Where exactly does the buck stop?

I estimate that only about 5% of Americans are morally and usefully employed. All the rest are various sorts of criminal and communist.

No my dear readers, you can not handle the truth.

P.S. I recently discovered a cache of documents left by some very distant relatives of my family, some of whom used to be plantation owners. There was a well known disturbing leather bound book titled "Nigger Owner's Manual" in there.

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