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Thursday, December 11, 2003
Comrades, The New Jew Times is at it again. They are accusing Republicans and Howard Dean of committing the most horrible liberal crime ever - of both being Joe McCarthy. But they don't want to do it directly, because this crime of being McCarthy is so horrible (as opposed to, say, being Stalin or Sadaam), so instead they put words in the mouths of republicans:

Republican inside and outside the campaign are studying parallels between Dr. Dean's candidacy and other insurgent campaigns, including those of Senator Eugene McCarthy in 1968 and of Senator John McCain of Arizona, who nearly derailed Mr. Bush's march to the Republican nomination in 2000.

Interesting, Interesting.... So Republicans say Dean is like McCarthy? Republicans "insult Dean horribly". Hmmmm.....
However there is also the implication that Dean is actually McCarthy (since he is not the annointed chosen of the democratic north eastern elite commies - that's John "I'm a French idiot" Kerry). Interesting, Interesting.

Of-course, I am very confused by all this. As you know, Joe McCarthy was 100% correct about the state department being full of commie fascists. However, McCarthy, like Commie Spy Ann Coulter, was also a no good loud mouthed commie, because he couldn't even be bothered to go and shoot people whom he called traitors. All he could do is get some communist very powerful democrat senators unelected, which no one cares about except the democrats. The democrats never forgave him the great blow he dealt them and continued to erroneously slander him for the next 50 years.

I don't want anyone to get the idea that I am pro Dean, so here is another delicious attack on him:

The extreme Left has made a terrible strategic mistake shacking up with the Islamists. In one sense, they're not as incompatible as they might appear: Islamism may be religious in origin but in its political form it is simply this decade's brand of oppressive statism, as communism was before it. But the only question now is how deeply this strategic error infects the less insane Left. On National Public Radio the other day, Howard Dean advanced the theory that the Saudis had tipped off Bush about 9/11 in advance. When the Democratic presidential front-runner is cheerfully wearing his tinfoil hat in public, it's no wonder the other fellows are scrambling to sound just as loopy.

Heh. "Cheerfully wearing tin foil hat". Heh. Aren't they the least bit worried that this is a trick by Howard Dean to take control of the Dungeons and Dragons vote? Hmmm? Maybe the South Park Republican vote?

Actually with all this talk of republicans and democrats being bi-commie commie fascists, some of you may have gotten the idea that I am a libertarian. I admit, anarcho-capitalism does hold some appeal, but not much. Not when you have arguments like this marshaled against you:

All property, indeed, except the savage's temporary cabin, his bow, his matchcoat and other little Acquisitions absolutely necessary for his Subsistence, seems to me to be the creature of public Convention. Hence, the public has the rights of regulating Descents, and all other Conveyances of Property, and even of limiting the quantity and uses of it. All the property that is necessary to a man is his natural Right, which none may justly deprive him of, but all Property superfluous to such Purposes is the property of the Public who, by their Laws have created it and who may, by other Laws dispose of it.
Benjamin Franklin

... As long as you continue to tar social democracy with all the crimes of communism, I feel equally entitled to tar the free market with the crimes of slavery, segregation, colonialism and genocide; piss me off and I'll add fascism and the Nazis.
Greg Erwin

How noble libertarianism, in its majestic equality, that both rich and poor are equally prohibited from peeing in the privately owned streets (without paying), sleeping under the privately owned bridges (without paying), and coercing bread from its rightful owners!
Mike Huben, paraphrasing Anatole France

Now, the Libertarian Party, is a *capitalist* party. It's in favor of what *I* would regard a *particular form* of authoritarian control. Namely, the kind that comes through private ownership and control, which is an *extremely* rigid system of domination -- people have to... people can survive, by renting themselves to it, and basically in no other way... I do disagree with them *very* sharply, and I think that they are not..understanding the *fundamental* doctrine, that you should be free from domination and control, including the control of the manager and the owner.
Noam Chomsky

There isn't much point arguing about the word "libertarian." It would make about as much sense to argue with an unreconstructed Stalinist about the word "democracy" -- recall that they called what they'd constructed "peoples' democracies." The weird offshoot of ultra-right individualist anarchism that is called "libertarian" here happens to amount to advocacy of perhaps the worst kind of imaginable tyranny, namely unaccountable private tyranny. If they want to call that "libertarian," fine; after all, Stalin called his system "democratic." But why bother arguing about it?
Noam Chomsky

An idealist is one who, on noticing that roses smell better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup.
H. L. Mencken

Anarcho-capitalists forget their own Austrian economics. It was Von Mises who described the marketplace as the ultimate democracy, where "sovereign consumers voted with their dollars" to fulfill their desires. Not necessarily good desires, mind you: just "desires." Whatever they happened to be. The market was itself amoral: it simply satisfied the desires of the greatest number. (That's why Howard Stern sells better than Isaac Stern.)

[Libertarians] don't denounce what the state does, they just object to who's doing it. This is why the people most victimized by the state display the least interest in libertarianism. Those on the receiving end of coercion don't quibble over their coercers' credentials. If you can't pay or don't want to, you don't much care if your deprivation is called larceny or taxation or restitution or rent. If you like to control your own time, you distinguish employment from enslavement only in degree and duration.
Bob Black, The Libertarian As Conservative, 1984

Yes, that's right. The commie poop is melting quite nicely.

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