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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Here is a musically talented unstabbed commie who thinks he is being patriotic and funny by making fun of W. The flash presentation is called "The Idiot Son of an Asshole". Please listen. It's very catchy.

This, of course, is an attack on America and its values. People that can't respect the will of 100's of millions of people in electing W president, people who call those people who voted for W idiots and assholes for no reason, need to be stabbed. If you've got something to say, say it with your knife and I'll say it with mine. Remember, the free speech nonsense only protects you if they can see you, and if the judges are on your side. As Hannibal Lecter says "Whenever feasible, one must eat the rude". Hold on while I comfort myself with my knife and my other knife.
I see I'm not the first person to stab this commie.

In this very entertaining metafilter thread, we learn that wrongies find it unbelievable that, to a man dealing with strategic threats, the ability to instantly acquire a capability is the same as having the capability.
We also learn that Bush is
"...generally untouchable. The man is generally understood to be utterly stupid and so his statements are held to different standards of validity testing.".
Interesting, Interesting. So interesting that I will get my knife. My very sharp knife. I'm practicing my stabbing motions as I go to get it. Oh look! It's right here!.... I wonder whatever shall I do now???

Stab commies.

In other news, one of my favorite science fiction writers, Orson Scott Card, a democrat, explains in a clear and straightforward manner that democrats are traitors:

But then I watch the steady campaign of the national news media to try to win this for the Democrats, and I wonder. Could this insane, self-destructive, extremist-dominated party actually win the presidency? It might--because the media are trying as hard as they can to pound home the message that the Bush presidency is a failure--even though by every rational measure it is not.

And the most vile part of this campaign against Mr. Bush is that the terrorist war is being used as a tool to try to defeat him--which means that if Mr. Bush does not win, we will certainly lose the war. Indeed, the anti-Bush campaign threatens to undermine our war effort, give encouragement to our enemies, and cost American lives during the long year of campaigning that lies ahead of us.

Osama bin Laden's military strategy is: If you make a war cost enough, Americans will give up and go home. Now, bin Laden isn't actually all that bright; his campaign to make us go home is in fact what brought us into Afghanistan and Iraq. But he's still telling his followers: Keep killing Americans and eventually, antigovernment factions within the United States will choose to give up the struggle.

It's what happened in Somalia, isn't it? And it's what happened in Vietnam, too.
Am I saying that critics of the war aren't patriotic?

Not at all--I'm a critic of some aspects of the war. What I'm saying is that those who try to paint the bleakest, most anti-American, and most anti-Bush picture of the war, whose purpose is not criticism but deception in order to gain temporary political advantage, those people are indeed not patriotic. They have placed their own or their party's political gain ahead of the national struggle to destroy the power base of the terrorists who attacked Americans abroad and on American soil.

Patriots place their loyalty to their country in time of war ahead of their personal and party ambitions. And they can wrap themselves in the flag and say they "support our troops" all they like--but it doesn't change the fact that their program is to promote our defeat at the hands of our enemies for their temporary political advantage.

Think what it will mean if we elect a Democratic candidate who has committed himself to an antiwar posture in order to get his party's nomination.
We are being lied to and "spun," and not in a trivial way. The kind of dishonest vitriolic hate campaign that in 2000 was conducted only before black audiences is now being played on the national stage; and the national media, instead of holding the liars' and haters' feet to the fire (as they do when the liars and haters are Republicans or conservatives), are cooperating in building up a false image of a failing economy and a lost war, when the truth is more nearly the exact opposite.

And in all the campaign rhetoric, I keep looking, as a Democrat, for a single candidate who is actually offering a significant improvement over the Republican policies that in fact don't work, while supporting or improving upon the American policies that will help make us and our children secure against terrorists.

We have enemies that have earned our hatred, and whom we should fear. They are fanatical terrorists who seek opportunities to kill American civilians here and Israeli civilians in Israel. But right now, our national media and the Democratic Party are trying to get us to believe that the people we should hate and fear are George W. Bush and the Republicans.

I can think of many, many reasons why the Republicans should not control both houses of Congress and the White House. But right now, if the alternative is the Democratic Party as led in Congress and as exemplified by the current candidates for the Democratic nomination, then I can't be the only Democrat who will, with great reluctance, vote not just for George W. Bush, but also for every other candidate of the only party that seems committed to fighting abroad to destroy the enemies that seek to kill us and our friends at home.

And if we elect a government that subverts or weakens or ends our war against terrorism, we can count on this: We will soon face enemies that will make 9/11 look like stubbing our toe, and they will attack us with the confidence and determination that come from knowing that we don't have the will to sustain a war all the way to the end.

I feel slightly less mad. I'll keep my quota at 327,456 stabbings today. I was going to double it. Be sure to read the comments to his article.

I stumbled on another really entertaining article in FrontPage titled "College Film Festival: Kill the Jews". Half way through, I found myself having such great fun reading it, that I looked to see the author. It was Tatiana Menaker! Remember - that Tatiana!

Here are a couple of choice quotes:

Watching these films, I saw that Palestinian Arabs have become professional victims and actors in the "Israelis-and-Jews-Are-Horrible-Child-Murderers" series. These films are constantly shown in Europe and especially in the Middle East due to heavy demand and plentiful funding. Many years ago one famous writer said that Europe would never forgive Jews for what it did to them during the Holocaust. For Europeans, the image of a bad Israel is a relief from their Holocaust guilt complex, if indeed they ever had one.
Considering that Israel has more computers per capita than the US, it is no wonder that "humiliation" is the second most repeated word in these films. When your people are staring into a donkey's ass while other people across the street are looking at a computer screen, it is a humiliation.

The tragedy of Palestinian Arabs is that they are forced to compare themselves with the superbly developed civilization of Israel instead of, for example, the outskirts of Cairo, where barely dressed, malnourished, unschooled children with rotten teeth are crawling in the dust around mud huts with no sewage system.
And what exactly do they mean by the "Liberation of Palestine"? It's Israel they're talking about. To liberate Palestine you need to exterminate five million Jews. So is this what SFSU students are struggling for? Do you remember that it was anti-Semitic propaganda and anti-Jewish riots in German universities that actually triggered the beginning of the Holocaust?
[Bad Commie: Heh. I guess they don't, Tatiana! ]
The late KGB Chief Yuri Andropov once said: "We won the war in Vietnam on the streets of Washington." The Arab Palestinian movement was created by the KGB. I know: I worked with Arabs back in Russia. They are using the same KGB-taught propaganda strategy that was used in organizing protests against the Vietnam War, which seduced childish professors together with their immature students. Unfortunately, our civilization is losing a war on its university campuses once again.

Indeed, Indeed! Also, read the comments if you have time.

Hey Tatiana, I got a great idea! Print out and drop these leaflets at your next adventure!

P.S. Is this a clip of Harry Truman talking about Joe McCarthy???

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