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Friday, December 05, 2003
I found something to take my mind off politics. Check out this drivel from the New York "Pravda":

Hospitals Say They're Penalized by Medicare for Improving Care
"The health care system is perverse," said a frustrated Dr. Brent C. James, who leads Intermountain's efforts to improve quality. "The payments are perverse. It pays us to harm patients, and it punishes us when we don't."

Oh God! Where do I even start. Can it really be? Is it possible that no one reading the New York Communist Times understands that doctors are supposed to help people? That's right. Doctors help patients who, after they are helped, no longer need to go to doctors. At which point the doctor and the CEO can no longer afford payments on the Ferrari. What kind of an intellectual midget would want to pay a doctor for work that a doctor didn't do? What kind of a drooling communist would want doctors to be paid for letting their patient get worse and worse (and therefore require more "treatment" - or assassination, as is the accurate word). Can these flea bitten mongoloid French intellectuals please stab themselves, or do I have to do it, like always? Tell me, where is the unstabbed commie who doesn't understand that, when doctors heal patients, the government should no longer pay doctors money? I say that if a hospital serving the community does not reduce its expenses by 10% every year, then 10% of the doctors need to be executed in public. Why couldn't these so called places of health improve health by 10% a year? Is it maybe because DOCTORS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH CARE?
Just asking, Just asking.

In other non political news, it looks like Japan, the wonder of modern "capitalism", is a police state. Check out this story:

I work as a computer consultant to the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, and according to embassy officials (who will not go on record), Japan's legal system is rather third world and up to 50% of the Ministry of Justice is touched by Yakuza (mafia). Japanese cops move up in their career when they make "good" arrests and go down-permanently, when they make "wrong" arrests.

Japan has a 99.9% conviction rate, so you can guess how many wrong arrests are turned into "good" arrests by forcing confessions and such.

Heh. So that's why my cell phone says "Workers Unite! Kill the nasty middle class Kulaks!", when I turn it on.

And finally, I just can't resist. Check out this wildly entertaining attack on Howard Dean, courtesy of some republican commies:

Every generation or so, our great Republic manages to give birth to a political figure so obnoxiously certain of his moral and intellectual superiority over the booboisie that we lowly, simple folk eventually begin to heave with nausea. The insufferable Governor Dean is the latest incarnation. Born deep in the heartland of Manhattan's Upper East Side, schooled at only the best of New York's private preparatory institutions before entering the real world of the Ivy League, young Howard spent his summers in the Hamptons. Certainly these early life experiences prepared Mr. Dean to empathize with the average, middle-class American.
Howard Dean's Manhattan-prep school-Hampton-Ivy-Vermont frame of mind is, in fact, a little island of democratic socialist Europe within America. Howard Dean may justly be called the Jacques Chirac of America. Like the slightly overweight Chirac, Dean nearly bursts out of his suit and ties with indignation and outrage over the small mindedness of anyone who can not see the secular, multicultural worldview of himself and fellow progressive-minded intelligentsia. His worldview reminds me of a professor I had at Harvard who would begin each pronouncement of opinion by stating, As we all know The problem was that the rest of the sentence was almost never an obvious fact or given, but rather the ideological assumptions of the Left which were to be taken as unassailable to them as the Nicene Creed to orthodox Christians.

Heh. This is almost as good as Stalin killing Lenin.

This weekend, I plan to explain communism, via a chart with arrows, like this one. Stay Tuned! Get ready for a triple covalent bond between communists and vodka!

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