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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
It's commie fighting time! Looks like fascist democratic socialists (i.e. college students soon to work in McDonalds) are oppressing fascist communist republicans:

On November 7th, the Wells Republicans issued a press release describing the study they had conducted of the political party registrations of the members of the social sciences and humanities faculties at the college. The study revealed that members of parties of the Left (Democrats, Greens, Working Families) outnumbered Republicans by a ratio of 92 percent to 8 percent.
A Wells professor responded to the study calling Republicans "stupid" and calling for Republicans to be forcibly lobotomized
Said Wells Republican Treasurer Colleen Curry, a sophomore from Warren, Maine: "There seems to be a pattern emerging. Wells speaks often and loudly of its devotion to diversity. But when it comes to hiring faculty, somehow there is a glaring absence of conservatives. And when the few conservative students on campus want to organize themselves into a club, they are denied recognition."

Hochenberger added, "We will seek to appeal this decision if possible, and bring it to the attention of the college's administration, including Wells College President Lisa Marsh Ryerson. But sadly, we members of the Republican club, and other students sympathetic to our cause, are coming to the conclusion that Wells College's culture is hostile to traditional students."

Well, what do you expect? Was there some kind of philosophical reason why democratic fascists would not oppress republican ones? There must be a fight for power among the fascists. As we all know, Stalin did not tolerate Lenin and Trotsky for long.

In the comments at a follow up article, a wise reader says:

Date: 11/10/2003 8:09:46 AM
Name: Aarch6
Subject: Happy Kristall Nacht
First, they get everyone to believe all their problems are the fault a minority that has all the power (Even though they can do nothing without the permission of the majority). Then, the majority spreads the word, for all to hear, that the small group deserves to be punished, segregated or eliminated. Then a hate filled segment of the majority speaks out, that since they are the ones with the support of the people, no one will stop them when they go after this terrible minority.

Sieg Heil! Liberal Academia Uber Alles!

P.S. Hitler was a Socialist too.

Yes he was. Yes he was.

In other news, I'm no fan of George Soros, the guy who is donating 10's of millions of dollars to keep bush from getting re-elected, but this is highly amusing:

But now, Slavic autocrats have been joined in red-faced George-bashing by two new overlapping groups: American conservatives, and hawkish friends of Israel. Ever since Soros began ladling out millions to the dump-Bush campaign, while larding his anti-administration rhetoric with inflammatory comparisons to Nazi Germany and Yasser Arafat, it has been open season on Open Society. Thus we now have the spectacle of one of the world's most active and influential anti-communists (not to mention one of its most successful capitalists) being tarred as a particularly dangerous friend of Marx and Lenin.

Don't all these idiots that try to call each other commies have any idea of what a commie is? Or are they just suffering from massive cognitive dissonance? Or just plain lying?

At least the Iraqis must know who the commies are, right? No, they are busy staging massive demonstrations against terrorism. I guess they are demonstrating against themselves, unless there is some subtlety of the Islam religion and the misdirected Jew hate that I missed? Check out this flag the demostrators are carrying.
Actually I think Russian style communism is much better than Jew hate and the oppression of women along with mindless killing and many other immoral acts(i.e. Islam), but either way, they should get stabbed.

Does president, chief commie, Bush, know who the commies are? No, he's too busy making sure American tax payer money doesn't go to American tax payers, or countries that can achieve results with it efficiently. Why don't we just rebuild IRAQ by pointing a gun at an IRAQI and telling him to build or die? Oh alright, maybe that's kind of ineffective. See, that's why I'm not president. Because I think American money should go to American tax payers directly.

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