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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
Looks like the commie republican John McCain was forced to apologize for his remarks about the republican congress spending money like a drunken sailor:

(2003-12-01) -- An embarrassed Senator John McCain, R-AZ, today apologized to members of the U.S. Navy's version of Alcoholics Anonymous for comparing Congressional spending to that of "a drunken sailor."

"It was a mean, insensitive remark," said Mr. McCain. "A drunken sailor could never spend as much money as Congress has, with that kind of speed. My analogy was also wrong because a drunken sailor usually spends his own paycheck."

In related news, Mr. McCain, who chairs the Senate Commerce Committee, said he hopes that Americans enjoy the pre-Christmas shopping season.

"Everyone should get out to the stores and malls and spend money like an incumbent legislator," he said.

Heh. Looks like unstabbed commies have a sense of humor.

I also found a very entertaining post on an IRAQI blog today:

Well I found that the answer is so simple, that even a blind man can see...heh.
I have read some statistics about the economy of the USA and I found that the (GDP) of America is something around (11,000 billion) dollars, while that of Iraq is about (18 billion) dollars (regarding the current rate of oil export), which means that the (GDP) of USA = 611 times the (GDP) of Iraq.
Another interesting result is that America can make that (18) billions in only 14 hours!.
Everyone knows that the American forces need about (4 billion) dollars/month for their supplies, operations and reconstruction work.
I find it so naive for someone to think that the USA is spending 4 billions a month to "steal" 1,5 billions.
The USA has already spent (or assigned) over 200 billion dollars, which requires the Americans to wait for over 10 years to get their money back.
What a great investment!!!
And that's only in the case that America is "stealing" all the oil or money of Iraq, while as a matter of fact, all the money that oil yields is spent to provide food, medications and of course to pay salaries to the Iraqis.
The war was never for oil itself, the aims of the war were freeing the Iraqi people, destroying Saddam's WMD's, fighting international terrorism and the spread of freedom and democracy in the M.E.

So all it takes to "teach" Arabs how to divide is to invade their country and do inspections for 6 months? Interesting. Oh, well. I hope someone "teaches" the French math soon.

The whole GDP thing is a fraud though, as the excellent Howard Katz says:

One of the interventions adopted by the Democratic Party in the 1930s was for the government to give the bankers the privilege to create money. This allowed the bankers to gain unearned wealth - at the expense of the working man and the retired. The bankers immediately corrupted the economics profession by inducing academia to give prestigious positions to "economists" favorable to their interests. These banker economists invented a new measure of the American economy - gross domestic product - which counted the waste caused by the banker activity as wealth. The American media - which would never question authority - accepted GDP as being equivalent to the U.S. economy. Today as GDP rises, the average American finds it more and more difficult to own a home; he must work more months to own the average car; he is putting his wife out to work, and he himself is working longer hours. Do not complain Mr. and Mrs. America; the economic establishment has officially declared that you are getting richer. Who are you to question authority?

But you gotta give the IRAQI points for even trying to do the math test!

Here is another entertaining post by an IRAQI who is discovering that everything he sees on TV is lies, whether its Sadaam, the commie Ann Coulter, Fox news, MSNBC, whatever. I am thinking that these IRAQIs will make pretty good trollerers. We should have them debate democrats on tv all the time. I bet you they would kick ass.

Speaking of debating commies, evidently Frank has caugh on to the whole stabbing thing!

Now, the ways conservatives dealt with wacky liberals has progressed a lot throughout the years from the simple beating; later on liberals were stabbed and then, as society advanced, shot.

He seems to think I'm not cool cause I prefer stabbing to shooting. Oh well. At least my knife doesn't run out of bullets!

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