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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Stabbed Commie Allah has another terrorist comic making fun of commies. I gotta say that my favorite is when John Kerry ponders how he is going to relate to the common folk:

John Kerry: "Ah, Le proletariate Americain. At last we meet, tell me, how shall I charm you, hm? Shall we banter about la femme? Shall we share un anecodote de sports? Or perhaps--"

Rednecks: "That dude looks like a big Q-Tip"

That truly is very funny, stabbed commie Allah. I'm unsticking the knife from you right now to see if you do anything else interesting! Truly, blogs are the coffee houses and drawing rooms of the modern age!

Politics is not all fun and games, thought. The commieness of The Kerry-Bush-Dean Terrorist Triangle is nothing compared to the axis of evil in congress. Check out the opinions of a typical congress person on some subjects of the day:

The EPA: "The Gestapo of government, purely and simply."

Global warming: "It is the arrogance of man to think that man can change the climate of the world. Only nature can change the climate. A volcano, for instance."

The Nobel Prize Committee: "Swedish environmental extremists."

The problems of fish kills caused by acid rain: "Just sprinkle a little lime to neutralize the acid."

Congressional pay raises (five in the last five years): "I challenge anyone to live on my salary" [$158,000 a year].

Leaving 12 million poor children out of the tax credit for families with children: "There are a lot of things more important than that."

After attending a round of golf and a fundraiser hosted by the owners of notorious sweatshops in Saipan: "I didn't see anyone sweating."

Launching a GOP task force to browbeat judges who fail to toe his ideological line: "Today, we in the House are putting America's judges on alert: We are watching you."

When asked to put out his cigar by a Washington restaurant owner who noted that the federal government prohibited it: "I am the federal government."

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to stab I go! Merry Stabbing Christmas, Tom Delay!

In other news, Lybia's Colonel Quadafi has been in the news lately pontificating about how he will let W fondle his manly smooth weapons. Is that gay or what? W seems to be for the fondling, though.

All this talk of Lybia made me think: why is their leader called "colonel" ? Well, it turns out that:

Qaddafi insists, in Libya's utopian society, the people rule, so he needs no grandiose title.

Of course, it was Capt. Qaddafi who took power in 1969 via a coup, at the impressively young age of 27. He immediately upped his rank to colonel. But he also ordered the creation of a revolutionary state in which the people would rule themselves and neither executive nor legislative branches would be needed. Presenting what he called "the final solution to the problem of the instrument of governing,"

Qaddafi explained the idea in his "Green Book" manifesto: "Parliaments have been a legal barrier between the peoples and the exercise of authority. This is an obsolete theory and an outdated experience." As an alternative, Qaddafi offered up his "happy discovery of the way to direct democracy"; Libyan citizens would rule via a series of popular congresses and committees.

This actually sounds pretty good. Looking at Qaddafi's actual real blog, he is very reasonable. He says:

Therefore, we should completely distinguish between what is under preparation actually against Afghanistan; as it appears as a direct result from what has happened in the form of dreadful act on the day 9/11 and fighting terrorism at the world level.

The first is the U.S responsibility, and the second is the world responsibility .. there is no excuse for non cooperating, and or non-allying for the second subject, e.g fighting terrorism, if we agree about it’s identification, and reasons.

Delaying or non making it make us neglect humanity future, and disappoint next generations.

Wow. Pretty astute of him.

Interestingly enough, the other dead horse that the west likes to beat - Vladimir Putin - is making statements like this:

The state now has to provide rights and freedoms for its citizens. Nothing at all can be done without this. Strengthening democracy has an applicable value for Russia.
Nothing can also be done without effective economic development. There"s plan for raising people incomes, pensions, wages and overall economy development rate is to rise. But we need to support basis things. We have to go on with tax reform, lower the taxation burden. Value-added tax will be lowered by 2%, the trade tax of 5% will be fully abolished.

Why is Putin so much less of a commie that the Bush-Dean Axis of Evil, huh?

And why are the preciousssss Russiansses more capitalist and funny than the Amerikanski Pig Dogs? Why do they know that the wallet votes by staying at home, while we don't?

Tune in later this week when I shall answer all these questions, and more, by violently and viciously stabbing commies.

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