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Sunday, December 14, 2003
Stalin's copycat, Sadaam, meets Stalin's fate today. French, German, and Democrat leaders everywhere are busy trying to say that their willing mob followers are happy about this. Liars.

Some examples of cognitive dissonance:

French Television is in public mourning, having not yet gotten the new marching orders from the top to fake happiness:

UPDATE: As this news is being confirmed with each passing minute, the news announcer on LCI (French 24 hour news channel subsidiary of TF1) looks like he's in mourning.
UPDATE: The broad now presenting the news on LCI asks, 'How could they catch Saddam Hussein, the Americans were having enormous intelligence problems in Iraq?'. Yeah, enormous problems, according to America's French 'friends'. Just afterwards she switched to Paul Bremer's press conference where he stated 'We got 'im!'.

Chinese Official newspapers initially phrase capture as "one more probable lie of imperialist dogs".

Palestinians crying in the streets of Gaza that their benefactor is about to get it (ok, that's not really dissonance)

I'm sure the Germans are crying with distress.

Here is a page the BBC made, so we can all look at how disturbed the commies are by this. Samples of unstabbed commies:

I'm a bit sad that it puts an end to this battle of David against Goliath. We must acknowledge that Saddam Hussein is a cunning, if not a talented leader. He may look defeated, tired, dejected but when you think of all the means deployed to get rid of him, it's just a tremendous achievement to have been able to survive.
Bernard Franck Dehlinger, Ris-Orangis, France

I am very sorry to hear the news. I believe that he was the leader of not only the Iraqi people but also the Muslim people against the USA.
Iqbal Chowdhury, Dhaka, Bangladesh

It sounds more fantastic than one may think for a person of Saddam Hussein's military strength to be arrested in a simple way like that expressed by Paul Bremer. It is not my intention to negate the news but one has to approach it with caution.
Angelo J, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

Although Hussein's capture is wonderful news for the Iraqi people, it still does not provide justification for this war and my country's continued Empire building throughout the world - most recently through the seizure of Iraq's oil. Bush has finished what his Daddy started and I'm sure the family will be especially grateful to their Good Lord at this Christmas.
Robert Lattanzi, New York, USA

I was happy to learn that Hussein was captured, certainly good news from a human rights point of view. But, I am left wondering - does the end justify the means? Does this mean that the US should wage war with every other horrible dictatorship around the world in the name of freedom, democracy, and peace?
Lori Wilson, Washington, DC, US

Saddam's trial may well be a mixed blessing for the US. He will undoubtedly (and embarrassingly) reveal how he was helped to power and supplied with WMD by the US government. And if the WMD still fail to turn up, the grounds and legality for the war will be clearly be in doubt.
Trevor Davis, Guildford, UK

'Freedom loving people' have short memories! This 'fantastic news' is just that for Bush and Blair but not so much for the Iraqi people who suffered at his hands - with the full support of the West. This was is not being done to bring freedom to people; it's being dome to impose neo-liberal capitalism! Wake up, guys!
Gary, London

"Ladies and Gentlemen, WE got him" Possibly the worst, most crass and counter-productive way to announce joyous news. It sends out the wrong message about America and the coalition to the world, especially the Arab world.
Adam Stimson, Sheffield, UK

Funny how Saddam Hussein appears in the news just when both the American and British Governments are struggling to gather support for their respective 'Presidential' campaigns. This fantastic piece of detective work has the same smell as the reason the war was 'inaugurated'.
David, Rome, Italy

This is the first action in Iraq since the first Iraq war which will make a real positive difference to the Iraqi people. Saddam's capture removes the threat of reprisal from the old regime and will allow Iraqis to concentrate on rebuilding their country. The US now has the huge responsibility of ensuring that the rebuilding of Iraq will be just, fair and peaceful for all the people of Iraq.
John M, Lyne Meads, UK

The capture of Saddam might be enough to bring peace, but we must stay serious as there is a chance that the attacks might just get worse, but for now the world has one less tyrant, it is time to capture Osama.
Christopher, New York City, United States

On one hand, I'm relieved that this tyrant is in custody and I hope that he will be put to a fair trial. On the other hand, I worry about the momentum this will give the Bush administration and the whitewashing effect this may have on US consciousness about the validity war in Iraq.
Kate O'Neill, Nashville, TN, USA

After the 'celebrations' have dies down, I hope everyone asks themselves what this really means for Iraq, and indeed the west. Will Saddam be given fair justice, by Iraqis or be given the US' version of justice? Does this mean a solid and reliable government can be allowed to form in Iraq and the US can withdraw? And if linked to war the war on terror, does this mean terrorism will stop. I fear not, because this incident has nothing to do with stopping the seeds of terrorism which are still being planted by the very false war.
Akmal, Sussex

It's good that it's clarified where Saddam Hussein is now. But I do not hope that people forget now that George W. Bush has lead the world into a war without proof of WMD and a connection to Osama bin Laden. What Bush did was wrong. And Americans need to remember that next year when the presidential elections take place.
Michelle Mauriere, Leipzig, Germany
[I just stabbed my computer.
This is what we need to do to these Germans:

I don't see the arrest of Saddam Hussein making any difference to the coalition's problems in Iraq. This establishes Bin Laden as the world's No1 terrorist, and I suspect that the Iraqi dissidents will now turn to him to organise their campaigns against the coalition forces, if they have not done so already. All that will be derived from this is a couple of days good PR for Bush and Blair.
Frank Redmond, London, UK

Compare that with the non commies in the same thread.

Some funnies:

Commisar of the Politburo Diktat is his funny self:

Imperialists Score One

So Militaristic Hegemons have captured glorious Comrade Saddam.

Great man had grown beard. Had $750,000. Hiding in hole in house near Tikrit.

Ungrateful Iraqi people on FAUX News now. Firing Kalshnikovs in air. Dancing in street. What? They think maybe Sears Tower has been attacked?

Torture! They torture Comrade Saddam! On TV. Evil Amerikan solider put massive piece of wood in mouth. Make him say "Ah.'

Religious comrades may say prayer for Saddam, and for Howard Dean.

The anti American, but thorough web site for some unfathomable reason had linked to an article about Howard Dean (saying: "Dean's candidacy inspires shock, awe") right before the Sadaam news broke! Howard Dean! This is a web site that has only middle eastern anti-American slanted news and almost never links to anything American.
How do you like real shock and awe, commies?
Is this delicious irony at work? Is God somewhere laughing his ass off? I think he is. Look what you did my brave American soldiers, you made the drooling mongoloid laugh and me cry for your dedication and bravery.

More great funnies in this fark thread.

In other delicious irony, this news comes one day after the zeropeons publicly fail to agree on a constitution because old europe didn't want to give equal power to new europe. So called "Europe" collapses while America stands tall and brave.

Think hard my readers. Who's political fortunes have just been dashed? Who was the communist anti-american anti-freedom asshole? Who was on who's side? Who has lost because mass murdering commies have been overthrown?

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