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Friday, December 19, 2003

To Stab or Not To Stab the Bush Commie?

Lately, I've been having highly disturbing tendencies that made me feel all funny inside. It's very troubling. I was so impressed with the way the soldiers of the W commie heroically captured the Sadaam commie, that I've been thinking, that maybe, just maybe I shouldn't stab W for being a commie.

There, I've said it. Now you know my deep dark secret.

BTW, did you know that the Sadaam commie was not actually hiding in a spiderhole, but hiding in a septic tank? Cool, huh?

Anyway, back to the stabbing of the Bush commie. Its horrible to think that I could let one, even one, just one commie go unstabbed. To solve my severe mental problem of letting just one commie escape the knife, I attempted to convince Osama bin Texan that W should not be stabbed by sending him the link to the Orson Scott Card (who is a democrat) article calling democrats traitors. The conversation follows:

[Osama bin Texan is talking about the Orson Scott Card article.
Notice how I've made his words display in evil commie red.]

Not only did he keep harping on the Iraq -> 9/11 thing, which even the conservatives have abandoned, he also tried to get Syria -> 9/11, and a bunch of other ones.

His whole basic premise was "Democrats can't be for America and against the War on Terrorism at the same time." However, he apparently failed to notice that the Bush administration has no intention of devoting significant resources to anti-terrorism. Aside from dabbling in Afghanistan a bit, most of what they do that is "anti-terrorism" is designed to make morons feel safe, not create safety, and any strategy which has it's main cost on you and me instead of interfering with the administration's other goals, is going to be selected.

Orson Card seems to have missed the fact that Wolfowitz & Co. have already had to abandon many of those lies.

The fact is, those lies worked because there were a lot of people out there like Card, who wanted to believe them. It was the version of facts they immediately gravitated to. I think they wanted to be involved in a big project to hunt down some shadowy conspiracy of ultimate evil, so they just invented it.


[This made me very very mad. Osama bin Texan, the Texan
(I wanted to use a stronger word than terrorist, and I did)
was not cooperating.]

ObT, there is a very big link between instability in the middle east and terrorism. You need to think more strategically. Have you perhaps noticed that all the terrorist are Arabs? And that all Arabs hate the US and Jews ? And that the leader of the hate America and hate Jews faction is Saddam? A person who is thinking strategically would draw certain conclusions, given those facts....
Certain conclusions about root causes.....
The fact that you refuse to draw those conclusions is merely a statement saying you want to stick your head in the sand. Bin Laden is one man.....
Wars are not won by killing one man.

Furthermore there are clear tactical links between 9/11 and sadaam. Conservatives and republicans and democrats have NOT abandoned those links. Have you seen today's development where Atta was trained in Baghdad by Palestinian master terrorist (like there is any other kind of Palestinian)? And then the terrorist was killed by sadaam to hide evidence? There are documents saying this....

If you had not deliberately put your own eyes out, motivated by your love of democratic sadaam boot lickers (not an exaggeration - your opinion here was formed by democratic lying hacks), you would be following developments on that front.

I am not a Republican. Card is not a Republican.
Why is it that we both agree? Democrats are Sadaam appeasing traitors, and Bush is doing a great service to our country.

--Bad Commie

[This seemed to piss off ObT]

I have no problem with all the Arab's being terrorists. If the angel Gabriel came down from the sky and said, "ObT, God has decided to make you an offer. He will turn everyone who stole money [ObT is referring to the CEOs - he thinks a CEO can "steal money" from his own company] from the corporations that are the very bones of American Capitalism into a pillar of salt, but if He does it, he will also double the number of Arabs in the world and give them the Bomb" I would say, "Thank You God! Can you give them 2 Bombs and get rid of the insurance companies also?"

I know who my enemies are. It is evident when I write out my checks to pay my bills. Arabs never did anything worse to me than Jews or Christians did. For every terrorism victim, 100 people will die because the Christian Government banned guns they could have used to protect themselves, banned them from combining to get bargaining power in buying cheaper drugs, taxed their big safe SUVs to make them drive small, dangerous rice-mobiles, etc.

My enemies are COMMIES, pure and simple. Arabs are way too disorganized to be Commies, they are just tribesmen who hate us like the Indians did, and their primary purpose is to provide stereotypical bad guys for movies (just like the Indians used to, but now the Indians are stereotypical good guys, WTF? but that's another issue).

The Democratic Sadaam boot lickers are just as commie as Bush. You and Orson Scott Card both agree because you are both COMMIES. Republicans and Democrats are like Stalin and Tito -- both commies, but in disagreement over who gets to be the biggest commie. Terrorism is the capitalist boogey man, that you shout about while robbing and driving your nation into the condition of Albania.


At this point I started crying. Truly my idea of loving W and not stabbing him was deviant and was shown to be monstrous by Osama bin Texan. I must pay penance for my moral crime and try to live the moral life again.

I humbly apologize to everyone.

BTW, The interesting role reversal of the Indians is described here.

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