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Sunday, December 07, 2003
Why are people such liars?

I really do not understand how parents (or anyone else for that matter) can feel that it's right to systematically lie to their children for years, assuming they'll just figure it all out later when they get older. Santa Claus... the Easter Bunny... the Tooth Fairy... why is it alright to lie to children about these things but not others? How can parents expect their children to trust them once they're caught in the lie? I was about 6 or 7 when I stopped believing in Santa Claus and his ilk, and kept pestering my mother until she finally admitted that they were make-believe. Then I asked her what else she was lying to me about. Oddly enough, our relationship went downhill from there.

Comrades, what do you think the chance is of adults being any different? Here is a situation where adults lie to kids for the sake of entertaining the adults, and to keep the little buggers quiet. And this is your own child we are talking about! What would these very same adults do to another adult that they had no reason to like? Would they tell them some fairy tale about Christmas Lenin and the Three Wise Stalins? And how money needed to be donated for the common good (where they would be in charge of distributing the money and drawing a salary for their "good work")?

You already know my low opinion of doctors. Doctors who don't actually heal people, but instead prescribe drugs precisely in such a way so the patient can not later sue them. Doctors need to be looking at the root causes of things, not prescribing broad spectrum antibiotics drugs to cure random symptoms. Doctors need to step up and be responsible for the health of their community and of their patients, and they need to be punished if they fail at their responsibility. If a doctor tries to make 300,000 dollars a year, we need to execute him. Being a doctor is inherently being a personal communist who gives away all he has. Rich doctors with Ferraris should be avoided like the plague.

Lets take the case of social workers. No one is stupid enough to be mad at social workers, right? Well, Bad Commie is. These people say they help others, and that you should give them money in order that they can help others. So, lets see, region adjusted comfortable salary ($40,000) plus some money to help the homeless and abused ($60,000). Hmm, why am I being robbed to the tune of $100,000 by this helper again? Why doesn't this helper instead learn some useful skills, earn $120,000 dollars a year for honest work, and then donate 80% of their salary directly to people who are not well off in their local community? Instead, we have these useless maggots, walking around and telling everyone how useful they are and how you must give them money. Yes, we know you want to pretend to be a good person by helping people. But if you can't even help yourself, how can we trust you?

Here is what social workers really are:

My sister-in-law is an otherwise responsible psychiatric social worker in San Diego; but when Bush visited San Diego after the fires and one of her patients made mention of the fact, my sister-in-law expressed the hope that his plane crash.

Never mind that lots of other people would be killed if that happened. Never mind that she's saying this to one of her patients - an action that, IMHO, is utterly unprofessional. Never mind any of this stuff: this otherwise sane person is so screwed up in the head that she would dance in the streets if GWB bought the farm: much as other liberals of my acquaintance celebrated when Reagan was shot.

I wonder how come she didn't go over to Iraq so Sadaam could calm down by "abusing" her?

Enough of this doctors, social workers, "health" insurance (a blatantly incorrect name) crap.
Here is the story of someone who came to the united states to escape communism. Communism under which Tatiana Menaker had suffered and lost [links courtesy of Alan K. Henderson's Weblog and the Politburo Diktat]:

Imagine the utter amazement of a refugee from a Communist country, where Marxism was forced on all students, now having to sink in a puddle of socialist propaganda again -- but this time in the middle of an American university!
Imagine the astonishment of a person who, after fighting the KGB and being a refusenik, finally comes so close to her dream of receiving a real education instead of indoctrination, only to find herself, once again, in the middle of a socialist brainwashing machine -- but this time in San Francisco.
Obviously, being busy with teaching and promoting world change, these professors have overlooked the well-known fact that Marxist ideology failed the test in every country where it was applied. Completely unchastened by the failure of socialism, these individuals still harbor the dream of a Union of American Socialist Republics. It is not my duty to enlighten them about the events of modern history or to correct their outdated '60s-era radical political views. But unfortunately, their obsession affects their job performance and ruins education systems all across the county.
Last summer, one of my professors started every class with Orwellian "Five-Minute Hate" condemnations of President Bush. The instructor did not understand how ridiculous he looked: a 50-year-old guy in sandals and a worn-out jacket with hanging threads, who didn't make it to an Ivy League university, giving hysterical speeches calling President Bush "a moron" and "a good for nothing idiot."
Over time I found the inverse proportion worked as well: the more well-kept and professional the teacher was, and the harder he worked, the less inclined he was to get himself into the mess of quasi-political discussions instead of the work he was paid to do: teach.
This pointed out the major difference between my education in the Soviet Union and my education at SFSU. When I wanted to transfer credits from my Leningrad University degree to SFSU, I was told by the International Admissions Office that it couldn't be done, because as a professor of Marxist-Leninist philosophy, I had only gone through "indoctrination." I find this fascinating, because the difference between Leningrad University and SFSU is that my professors in Leningrad were forced to teach socialist propaganda for fear of brutal punishment; here a bunch of aged hippies, who put students through forced indoctrination instead of academic work, were materially rewarded for their radical activism.
Not only am I as amazed as Alice in the Socialist Wonderland of San Francisco State University, but I feel as though I need to attend a third university to receive a real education. At SFSU, I've merely had my second Marxist indoctrination.

Its these kind of stories that make me for the burning 40% of books and for burning these houses of indocrination known as universities down to the ground.

In other news, why are people in France, a socialist hellhole, more likely to die of violent deaths than in the US where everyone has big scary guns? Huh, communist monkey? Why is that?

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