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Friday, January 23, 2004
Bad Commie Pathetic Attempt at Capitalism is here!

Anti Commie Tshirts! Bad Commie is Ken Lay, only with tshirts!

If you buy these anti commie tshirts, I guarantee everyone will know you are a Bad Bad Commie!

Front of tshirt:

Back of tshirt:

While you are deciding if you are going to buy 5 or 10 tshirts, and while Bad Commie is busy lying to self, here is extra special lie that makes W feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

The projected Electoral votes for the 2004 election are:
Bush 391, Dem 147, 11 blue states vs 40 red!

Gold Star from Asscraft for this one!

Speaking of liars, [or is it liars speaking?] the CATO Institute for the Promotion of Communism, uhhh, wait, no, The "CATO Institute for Individual Liberty, Limited Government, Free Markets and Peace" has carefully analyzed the State of the Union addresses of republican and democratic presidents and used fuzzy mathematics and non linear chaos theory to prove that W is 3 times less a commie that Bill Clinton:

Bush Speech to Congress Contains 11 More Initiatives Than Last Year
President proposes 31 new or expanded initiatives, Cato analysis finds
"Unfortunately, his proposal for real retirement investments may be the only thing in his program that will reduce the long-term fiscal obligations facing the federal government. Once again, the president has called for fiscal restraint while presenting a laundry list of spending programs and recommending no spending cuts. It doesn't look like there's any real intention to cut back on the fastest spending pace since the Lyndon Johnson administration.

"President Bush declared that 'the American people are using their money far better than government would have'--but in fact his administration has taken 24 percent more of our money than the Clinton administration did. The most striking hypocrisy during the evening was members of Congress giving a standing ovation when Bush called for limiting federal spending and cutting wasteful spending. Congress and the president have cooperated to produce a 24 percent increase in spending in just three years. And the president praised Congress for 'great works of compassion' in creating a huge new prescription-drug entitlement--but it's not actually compassionate to spend other people's money.
"The president called on members of Congress to renew the Patriot Act. I call on members of Congress at least to read the Patriot Act this time--and I'm confident that if they read it, they will realize that it threatens essential American freedoms and should be substantially reformed."

Oh well, I guess when W said "I am a compassionate conservative", he meant that he was going to be compassionate and give everyone a share of your money, while being conservative on letting you have gay sex with Ted Kennedy. Stupid W! Bad Pimp! How are French people all supposed to have sex with Ted Kennedy if W is against them gays?

There is "another group of Americans in need of help," the president declared. ("There always is," our Reaganite friends were thinking, or should have been thinking, if they have any principles.) This needy group is "some 600,000 inmates [who] will be released from prison" in the coming year.

Wow. There was a time, boys and girls, not so long ago, when the president was also named George Bush and no Republican politician would so much as acknowledge the possibility that an inmate should ever be released from prison. Now, a new President Bush for the New Century proposes "a four-year, $300 million prisoner re-entry initiative" to address the needs of released prisoners, including the need to "get mentoring." Willie Horton, thou shouldst be on furlough at this hour!

Hmmm. Interesting. Well, to be fair, Bad Commie is solidly pro crime. I guess that would make me against reeducating bad bad mens. Oh well. Anyway, here is an excellent stabbing by capitalism magazine [but in wrong direction, as usual]:

Actually, Dean operates on the premise that capitalism has no "rules." Leftists like him, at root, portray capitalism as a chaotic, unjust political-economic system, not because it is without rules, but because it is without the rules he champions. Capitalism's "rules" are objective laws. They rest on the premise that all property is individually and privately owned by right, and on the deeper premise that men are innocent until proven guilty strictly of initiating force or fraud against other men.

This is freedom, but to Dean it equates to anarchism. That's because to power lusting Leftists, "rules" mean regulations -- which rest on the premises that individual rights are not inalienable, but can be revoked for any reason the state or "the public" deems fit, and that men are guilty until proven innocent. While Dean seeks arbitrary power to revoke a corporation's right to free speech and private property, such socialist policies run throughout his politics, from his calls for socialized health care to his professed tax hikes to redistribute wealth.

Again, this is standard Democratic politics. What's unusual and significant about Dean, however, is that he paints these policies that sacrifice individual rights to the state or "public good" as capitalism -- a position that is the essence of fascism.

Heh. Excellent. COMMIE -> STAB. Heh.

And, finally, another drive by stabbing from the always excellent FrontStab Magazine.

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