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Thursday, January 29, 2004
Check out the vicious stabbing that Bad Commie got for pointing out that there were thieves in congress [the shock!], and that the band of thieves currently had red shirts, I mean republicans, in charge. I feel so ostracized! Republikkklan Hitler saluters don't like me! However will I fit in? Especially with my pro crime stance.

At least Osama bin Texan comes to my defense later on in that thread:

I have to say that I agree with Bad Commie. The rest of you guys seem obsessed with some cheerleading contest. I mean, it's not a real sport, you are just yakking about who has the best one liners in the campaign. "Dean reminded me of the WWF! and my wife too, that's proof!" "No, Hitler! I lived in Europe, that's proof!" You are like Molly and the rest of the lefty cheerleaders worrying about who can come up with the best silver foot or born on third line about W.

Well, when your only defender is a known terrorist, sorry, I mean known Texan, Hmmm..... I don't like where this is going. Ignore that.

I can't believe the UnDemocratic Iowans and the New Hampshire residents wanted John Kerry to be the UN-Democratic party nominee. This is the John Kerry who is the liberal senator from Massachusetts compared to the other senator - the fat, murdering, stealing, sometimes right, always drunk Ted Kennedy. This is the gigolo John Kerry who has been sucking up to Washington special interests for the last 25 years, who threw his medals in the trash, who committed war crimes (including murder), and wouldn't know middle class or a job if it bit him in the ass. He also can't makes speeches worth shit. God, what are these people thinking nominating him? How stupid do they think the other side is? Let me tell you, the stumbling, dishonest, potty mouthed north-eastern looting elitist John Kerry is no Blair.

"(Blair) is a mixture of Harry Houdini and a greased piglet. He is barely human in his elusiveness. Nailing Blair is like trying to pin jelly to a wall."

You'll never see that said about John Kerry.

Personally, I would like to vote for the fiscal conservative republican Howard Dean. It's going to take some real convincing to get me to vote for W. Here is what real conservatives say about W and his republikkklan posse these days:

There was a time not long ago when the president could do no wrong in my eyes, a time when I was willing to write, as I did in September '02, "I have faith in President Bush." That time ended last summer, however, when I finally got fed up with his fiscally ridiculous ways. Indeed, John Kerry calls the Bush White House "reckless," and when it comes to our wallets I tend to agree. And while I never thought I'd say this, the way Bush spends -- and spends, and spends -- I'm beginning to miss Bill Clinton.

Must we go to the moon, I mean? And must it cost billions in taxpayer dollars? Can't we just build a really tall ladder instead?

Anyway, with fiscal disgruntlement in mind, I began looking over my earlier work a few months ago, hoping to justify just what it was that made me vote Republican. I soon found the truth: I was as much a partisan cheerleader as the Hollywood Lefties I claimed to despise. And at first, I confess, I thought to address this in an Orwellian way -- that is, I thought to erase the past by removing older articles from my Web site's archives. Not wanting to repeat my personal history, however, I've decided to take myself on instead. Thus, this here mea culpa.

My thoughts on my partisan past? In retrospect, it bugs me. It means I ignored the fact that Big Gov't is Big Gov't no matter the name it goes by -- GOP, DNC, or what have you. For a time there, especially when I was first getting started three years ago, I had nary a thought of my own. I was accused a time or two of receiving Republican talking points. I didn't need them. All I had to do was turn on Sean Hannity and I'd end up repeating everything he said. The closest I came to independent thinking was repeating the words of people who claimed to be independent thinkers.

Heh. Ooops, I just made fun of myself!

Wrapping up, since the last Blog had an anti McDonalds article, here is a pro McDonalds one:

Ken Payne, a management consultant who has lived and traveled in the former Soviet Union for most of the past 15 years, describes what he calls the "McDonald's effect": "Before McDonald's came to town [the first McDonald's opened in Moscow in 1990], no one contemplated clean toilets, or service with a smile. … Now, partly because of McDonald's, people no longer tolerate filth or terrible service, and expectations in the society as a whole have been raised."

Also, Bad Commie found deep dark secret on internet.

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