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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
The creative efforts of the nation are targeted and focused on taking away the bananas from the lovable chimp in the white house. The creative efforts have been focused and distilled into this great selective truth.
Almost as great as this one, which I posted a link to previously.

This chimp has a lot of bananas. And he's big and mean:

Congress, the group of looters that is actually responsible for stealing the money of all the US citizens, is busy looting the nation while being happy that the contra-looters (i.e. those looters currently not in power - democrats) are focused on the figurehead. Of-course, the president only has the power to set the agenda - to stimulate discussion - not to steal any money. If the discussion that is being stimulated is among hard core criminal looters - i.e. congress - then it is no wonder that the result of that discussion is more looting. Another point on the subtleties of two party looting - if one party controls Senate/House + the presidency, then the party that is not in control are basically homeless bums standing drunk on a street corner yelling "Jesus is Lord" and "Will work for food". The republicans do not involve the democrats in anything or let them go to any meetings. So the democrats are free to blame the republicans for the sky being blue, since the democrats themselves can not be said to be in any way responsible or related to the government of the nation. Basically, the opinions of the democrat party about America are like the opinions of France about America. You can be sure that if we actually let any of these looters in, they would immediately fuck things up. Well, fuck things up worse than the current situation, that is. And I say "worse" because its a demonstrated fact that congress does not know how to unpass and repeal laws. "Looting orders" is another word for the paper that congress produces.

This is a picture of congress interacting with the American public:

A picture of congress at work (note the poster):

Meanwhile, while congress is busy doing its usual equivalent of the "good cop, bad cop" routine - "good looter, bad looter", things like this are happening:

Iraqi Submarine Prowling Lake Michigan

Belgium Destroyed By Rogue Asteroid

I wonder if the NYT ever asks congress to prove that its looting is good? I know the NYT asks conservative political think tanks (Like the "Work for Food" Societies) to prove that their contributions are useful.
Hmm, Interesting.

Here is a very interesting thread asking if the person that first self identified himself a communist was "really" a communist. This is like asking the first guy who beat the crap out of his neighbors and called himself King if he was "really" a King. I believe we should be stabbing, not asking.

Here is an interesting quote about the next wannabe figurehead:

Dean, in contrast, wants Democrats to stop being so defensive but doesn't want to confront the reasons why they might have been put on the defensive in the first place. We've forgotten about that. It was so long ago! But was it just a lack of fighting spirit that rocked the party back into minority status--or was it excessive, dogmatic loyalty to the very Democratic interest groups Dean has spent the past year sucking up to? Teachers' unions whose elaborate job protections for the semi-competent have turned suburban schools into swamps of mediocrity and inner city schools into nightmares. Industrial unions such as the UAW--whose detailed local work rules help guarantee that Detroit now builds essentially no cars that Howard Dean's Honda/Volvo/VW-driving supporters might actually want to buy. Affirmative action pressure groups whose efforts guarantee that competent professionals of color must carry around for life the stigma of having received special preferences. Bilingual educators promoting what is by now a proven means of holding Latino students back. Housing lobbyists whopromote "house the poorest first" rules that turn HUD projects into community-destroying hellholes. A senior lobby that has prevented adjustment of Social Security benefits--including "means-testing" the benefits of the rich--until it may be too late.
Dean campaigns to "Defeat the Special Interests," but as far as I can tell he has nothing to say to these special interests that they don't want to hear. He's even dropped Clinton's main positive-yet-biting theme, a constant rhetorical emphasis on work--which implicitly excludes people who don't work (as it rejects antipoverty welfare programs that undermine the value of work). Dean doesn't talk much about work; he talks blandly about "America's families." His vision of the "new Social Contract" is long on benefits and short on responsibilities, The main responsibility he cites is a vague "responsibility to particpate in our country's civic life," which seems to include a "voluntary," unenforceable, thousand-points-of-light-like "ethic of service." Hey, I'm comfortable with that! If it's voluntary then it's not really part of a contract, is it? Clinton's work requirement, in contrast, had some consequences. If you didn't work you were only going to get two years of welfare, and you weren't going to get the Earned Income Tax Credit that became the government's main anti-poverty program.

I think it will always be a mystery to hard working stabbers such as myself why someone would want to be in charge of a gang of muggers known as "the state". I hope you enjoy your gold statues, Mr Dean.

I have to end with this piece of humor. It's a man in a muslim newspaper complaining that the western world has "Funny Ideas About What Makes a Woman Happy".

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