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Sunday, January 04, 2004
I just finished reading Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". Here is an expansion of the review I posted on Amazon:

At 1100 small print pages, this book is way too long for people who do not seek enlightenment and the improvement of their own lives. People like elitist condescending professors who deny reality while existing on the public dole. People like that will never be able to finish this book, to pierce the veil of their own ignorance and to see the horror of their own lives full of "worship of the zero" and of looting.

For those common people of action and of deeds of renown seeking self understanding - this book provides a glorious shining arrow of direction and a guide to the proper behavior of men in the face of socialism. The book provides the reader purpose, ambition and hope via the shining light of reason based on objective reality. It lights a bright light on the best of man and woman and sweeps away the deadly shadows of collectivism (fascism + socialism). Collectivism which is practiced eagerly by the republican and democratic collectivist gangs of looters and perpetrators of oppression we have running our affairs today.

I have read the book and then read the criticisms of the one star reviewers and their words are ignorant. They speak of the common good and of logic. They speak of people that are motivated by too few things. Neither one of those criticisms of the book (but really of themselves and their own shortcomings) is accurate. Ayn Rand shows that they know very little of morality, reason and self interest and that it is their methods that hurt the common good and lead to savagery and fear. They see the words in the book but can not understand the reality of their own lives. Their minds can not comprehend their own venality. Ayn Rand, oppressed by the Soviet "People's Revolution" at the turn of the century which looted her family's pharmacy, knows all too well the evils of collectivist nazi thugs who can produce nothing and have only the force of the gun with which to create the glories of life and civilization.

This book has aged extremely well. There are a lot of delicious highly relevant gems. For example, when the society of the looters has descended into anarchy, she writes "'California's blown to pieces', he reported in the evening. There is a civil war going on there - if that's what it is, which nobody seems to be sure of. They've declared that they are seceding from the union, but nobody knows who's now in power. There's armed fighting all over the state between a 'People's party' led by Ma Chambers and her soybean cult of orient-admirers - and something called 'Back to God' led by some former oil field owners".

My friends - this is the democarts and republicans as exist today. Ayn Rand has deduced the future brilliantly. This book was written in 1957. 1957!

Here is an overview of objectivism:

Ayn Rand was once asked if she could present the essence of Objectivism while standing on one foot. Her answer was:

Metaphysics: Objective Reality
Epistemology: Reason
Ethics: Self-interest
Politics: Capitalism

She then translated those terms into familiar language:

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.
You can't eat your cake and have it, too.
Man is an end in himself.
Give me liberty or give me death.

Also, I highly recommend going to the amazon review page and reading all the "one star" reviews. The unstabbed commies pleading for their lives are very enlightening.

This book made me think of a lot of interesting things. One of the things is that the so-called "robber barons" or industrialists (and their modern day equivalents like Bill Gates) are always the target of greed and envy - in fact, far more greed and envy and sabotage than they themselves ever engaged in. Here is an absolutely wonderful article about the robber barons.

Next time, I'll try to apply what I learned about objectivism to the two party system of looting we have in power.

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