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Sunday, January 11, 2004
Why does the country of the poofy haired leader have excellent entertainment like this, which even Soviet Texas can not match?

Pyongyang sights teeter between the comic and the sinister. The Mangyongdae Fun Fair features a grenade-throwing ground and machine-gun stalls.

Is there a reason we can't have stuff like this in Texas? Maybe a wetback tossing contest? Or possibly a contest to see who can beat canadian frostbacks the most viciously? Or maybe we can set mexicans on fire and race them? Crap, I think I crossed the line there. [Memo to self: need to drink more to take away the pain of communism]

I got another question; why are the fucking environmentalists killing animals which capitalists are taking care of? Do they think capitalists are not allowed to be nice to animals? This story makes me livid. I'm going to kick in the teeth of the next environmentalist I see. Fortunately for the grass eating scum, in Texas, I might not see one for a while. Good.

Here is very funny article about republicans, or maybe democrats. I can't tell difference. Anyway, was so funny I beat my monkey. Now it write Shakespeare faster.

Here is excellent explanation of monkey beating, sorry I mean democracy, by an Australian [link via Tim Blair]:

A couple of years back, American voters accidentally elected a man who believed police officers deserved to be killed and who supported wife abuse.

When asked how he'd made it to the New Hampshire House of Representatives without his extremist views becoming known, the Honorable Tom Alciere said: "Nobody asked."

Perhaps this explains how Arnold Schwarzenegger ended up at the helm of the Californian economy and why the US itself is now led by a man who has gone on the record complaining that "down in Washington they're playing with social security like it's some kind of government program".

Nice Doggie has excellent report on UN diplobabble here.

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