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Friday, February 27, 2004
Commies for Christ:

My tag's Tall Tim
(no need to shout)
I said that's my name
(so don't wear it out)
You see me here, I'm running hot
I'm a juicy hamburger 'cos I got the lot
I got a bone the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Only one thing, I want your sex
My name is Tricky Ricky, if the situation's sticky
Then I'm your man, I got a plan
I used to be a brickie
I don't give a damn about what you say
And if you don't like that you'd better walk this way
(Rock it Tricky Ricky, gonna rock it to the left
Rock it Tricky Ricky, gonna rock it to the right)
My name is Paul, I'm the best of all
'Cos I'm in your face like a can of mace
I'm a groove lick, love child, king of the verse
You mess with me boy, you leave in a hearse
Your God is a nothing God
Is a mealy mouthed God
Is a weak arsed God
My God is a really tough God
Is a straight line God
Is a good ole boy
Your God drinks peach nectar
Eats boiled fruit
Can't fart out loud
My God arm wrestled Khruschev
Eats meat, farts with pride
Hey, Hey
Commies for Christ
Hammers and sickles and the word's not flesh - it's steel
Commies for Christ
'Cos he's the man that carved the lamb - and made us feel
Commies for Christ
I'm having a sexual fling with a red under my bed
Commies for Christ
Drank too much altar wine, it's gone straight to my head
Take Marx, take Christ, take drugs
Take Marx, take Christ, take dr dr dr dr dr drugs
My God is a vengeful God
Is Cecil B. de Mille
He kills for the fun of it
(Rep rep repetition, rep rep repetition, yo, yo)
Your God been around for too long
Can't get down, is an aging hippy
(Hippy, hippy, skippy, skippy)
(Tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch)
God, Hey
Commies for Christ
Go get some long knives to carve up these loaves and fishes
Commies for Christ
Support the cause or else someone could get vicious
Commies for Christ
'Cos he's the word you've heard - The truth, the light, the way
My God ain't risen, 'cos he's sleepin' in today
Take Marx, take Christ, take drugs
Take Marx, take Christ, take drugs
Commies for C C C CC CCC Coca Cola

Also, here is an excellent song about Mexican Hitler.

Back to politics: Here is an excellent summary of Howard Dean (I'd rather talk about Dean than the serial killer communist John Kerry):

Liberal Dean supporters had to hope that his entire record as governor of Vermont was irrelevant to how he would govern as president. In Montpelier, Dean often tried to curry favor with business rather than fight it. He was constantly clashing with the Progressive Coalition that stood behind far-left Congressman Bernie Sanders rather than realizing their policy goals. He had an A rating from that bete noire of the liberal establishment, the National Rifle Association.

Dean's nonliberal backers had to base their faith on even more remote possibilities. For example, they needed to hope that the way he was campaigning for president and the policies he was including in his platform would prove irrelevant to the way he behaved in office, or at least less relevant than his more milk-and-water governorship. They had to overlook his promise to raise taxes across the board, rescind deregulation and grow all manner of government programs and instead focus on his promise to balance the budget.

Check out this bullshit. Retarded nigger hating religious racist democrats are writing articles like "The Tragedy of Colin Powell. How the Bush presidency destroyed him."
That's funny. I didn't notice Colin Powell was dead. Bad Commie didn't lose any respect for him. I still think he'd make a fine president. Much better then the serial killer commie John Kerry. Maybe the democra-commies are planning to give him cancer? The democrats get all upset when niggers don't toe the party line about how they are all victims who can't succeed. I guess that's why they have to have a pretend KKK lynching of nigger Powell. But no amount of democratic nigger hate can equal their hate of Nader. How dare that Nader guy say democrats are just like the republicans! He must be killed for the sake of social justice (i.e. mass murdering communism).

More on Social Justice:

The signature of modern leftist rhetoric is the deployment of terminology that simply cannot fail to command assent. As Orwell himself recognized, even slavery could be sold if labeled "freedom." In this vein, who could ever conscientiously oppose the pursuit of "social justice," -- i.e., a just society?

To understand "social justice," we must contrast it with the earlier view of justice against which it was conceived -- one that arose as a revolt against political absolutism. With a government (e.g., a monarchy) that is granted absolute power, it is impossible to speak of any injustice on its part. If it can do anything, it can't do anything "wrong." Justice as a political/legal term can begin only when limitations are placed upon the sovereign, i.e., when men define what is unjust for government to do. The historical realization traces from the Roman senate to Magna Carta to the U.S. Constitution to the 19th century. It was now a matter of "justice" that government not arrest citizens arbitrarily, sanction their bondage by others, persecute them for their religion or speech, seize their property, or prevent their travel.

This culmination of centuries of ideas and struggles became known as liberalism. And it was precisely in opposition to this liberalism -- not feudalism or theocracy or the ancien régime, much less 20th century fascism -- that Karl Marx formed and detailed the popular concept of "social justice," (which has become a kind of "new and improved" substitute for a storeful of other terms -- Marxism, socialism, collectivism -- that, in the wake of Communism's history and collapse, are now unsellable).

And finally, a word from Mr. Green:

Things about which I agree with Bush: National Security
Things about which I disagree with Bush: Everything Else (gay marriage, faith-based initiatives, massive deficit spending, his willful refusal to acquire any information not spoon-fed to him by his handlers/trainers, expanding Medicare, immigration, the Patriot Act, cuddling up with the House of Saud, etc.)

Things about which I agree with Kerry: Everything*
Things about which I disagree with Kerry: Everything*

Every election I think the choice between the lesser of two evils is the hardest ever, and four years later it just gets worse.

* Depending on what side of his mouth you're listening to at the time.

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