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Saturday, February 07, 2004
It's amazing how the current WMD situation is exactly like the propaganda wars of WW2:

The Hitlers (republi-commies) are like: "We must hunt down and kill the evil Jew (WMD)".
The Americans (democra-commies) are like "What Jew, look there is no Jew! And if there was, he's not so evil! A threat to no one!".

Meanwhile, the Jew is like "How the fuck am I different from anyone else? I just wanted to convert Germany to socialism(i.e Gas Kurds) in peace. Why won't these fuckers leave me alone?".

OK, that was stupid.

Anyway, people who use the word "WMD" are all just repeating commie propaganda (from the democra-commie but also from the republi-commie mouthpieces). A simple hand gun is a WMD. A regular explosive missile is a WMD. Any battlefield weapon is a WMD. Weapon - check, of - check, Mass - check, Destruction - check. Let's say you don't believe me. Let's say you think scary chemical WMD have some extra military value - Well, explosives are chemical you stooooooooopid moron. Maybe you think WMD are especially destructive or somehow more long term? Ummm - no. A shell or normal missile is just as destructive. (Heard of depleted uranium, BTW? Heard of LAND MINES? Heard of injuries? Do those sound long-term to you?) Maybe you think WMDs are more scary than regular weapons. Oh please. Try playing russian roulette. Try being an Israeli attacked by scuds and homocide bombers.

So, let's see. They are not more scary, they can't kill any better (in fact much worse than modern computer weapons), they are not more long term. They have exactly the same military value. Hmmm. Feeling stupid yet?

Maybe WMD are a threat to the State of the United States? Oh, please. Box cutters and mass transit (airplanes) are a threat. A stove that can cook beans is a threat. An ignorant brainwashed and unarmed populace looking for handouts is a threat.
Weapons that rapidly decompose and lose value are not a threat to anybody - particularly not to a state, and its army, and it massive isolated homeland. You think Iraq the state could have transported a million soldiers armed with WMD (or any other weapon) across the world? What nonsense. Giving $10 dollars to a terrorist to buy a gun is more of a threat than giving him a recipe for how to cook beans.
That money, when used to purchase one-use big bombs(conventional, satellite laser, dirty radiation, etc) from the west itself is a little threatening. But not really. Firstly, because as 9/11 showed - money is not needed at all. Secondly, because as soon as Iraq drops the first bomb on the US homeland, the whole country of Iraq becomes a nuclear crater. So the state of Iraq simply can not threaten the State of the US in a military manner. About the worst iraq can do is selectively sell its oil to countries that promise not to resell to all the countries of the west. And even that is not so bad.

So, why have you been made a slave to this propaganda by your commie masters?
Well, the democra-commies wanted to find a kind of a weapon that they knew Iraq never had, and then accuse republicans of invading to get rid of that weapon, all so they could have political gain when they demonstrate the weapon did not exist. Furthermore, the WMD term is continuously redefined by the democrats to be whatever the common concept is of things that Iraq never had. As soon as it's reported that Iraq had something (ricin, prohibited missiles), or had the capability to rapidly make it (which is actually how you "store" wmd), they redefine the WMD term again to exclude that.
The republi-commies are content to let the democra-commies talk about WMD because they think they can win the propaganda war and scare the American people into doing anything by showing them repeated pictures of 9-11. Of course, they should be showing pictures of walmart + 9/11. Because all you need to cause another 9/11 is walmart.
And, of-course, the media likes WMDs because they are cool and get ratings.
Result - you have been brainwashed and the commie masters win.

And all of this, when there is no physical thing like democrat WMD. There is no way to define WMD in terms of military capabilities, while at the same time excluding "conventional" weapons from meeting that definition. God, you people are stupid. I'm stupid too, but crazy good commie stabbing stupid.

We should just do politics like this: and stop trying to relate it to the real world.

The only thing more stupid than politics, is the politics of Janet Jackson's middle aged breast. And here too.

Fucking Busheviks, all of you. Repibli-commie and democra-commie alike. Only IRAQ is really the UNITED STATES.

I'm going to go read about the "World Commie Forum" so I can get my stab on. People who participate in politics are pissing me off.

"A man is none the less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new
master once in a term of years. Neither are a people any the less slaves
because they are permitted periodically to choose new masters. What makes
them slaves is the fact that they are now, and are always hereafter to be,
in the hands of men whose power over them is, and always is to be, absolute
and irresponsible." --Lysander Spooner, 'No Treason'.

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