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Saturday, February 21, 2004
Why is it that when Californians hate gays and don't want to pay them 10,000 dollars a year, they are "against same sex marriage". And why is it that when the republicans hate gays, they "hate gays" and are not "against same sex marriage"? Hmmmm? Californians can't hate anyone but all republicans know how to do is hate? Hmmmm? After all, there is a world of difference between gender and sexual orientation.

And why is Gay Texas Governor Gay Rick

Perry having Gay Sex with A DEMOCRAT

(also gay)? A DEMOCRAT MAN?

I guess the important point is that he is a man, not that he is a democrat. I guess. I'm not sure.

Full details here. Here. Here. And Here.
In Texas, many preachers think democrats are an almost mythical evil, because they have never met one, just like they have never met the Devil. But they know in their closeted hearts, that some men like assholes. You know - Texan assholes.

Coicncidentally, this makes Rick Perry's marriage a GAY MARRIAGE.

Remember folks, Bad Commie, pioneered sex between republicans and democrats first! Bad Commie's master plan to entertain Bad Commie took just one week to fully and irrevocably implement.

Suggestions for signs Osama bin Texan could hold up in front of Texas statehouse:

"Don't let California gay marry people before Texas! Help Rick Perry catch up!"

"Make an honest fag out of Perry -- Shotgun marriage NOW !"

"Perry & Geoff in 2004" then underneath in smaller letters: "no, we're not talking about an election"

"Monica Geoffwinsky strikes again!"

And even if this turns out to be lies, remember the truth is always more entertaining.

P.S. Betty Bowers copycatted Bad Commie on this whole gay texan marriage issue.

If only Texans were clothed in fine Bad Commie Anti Commie Tshirts, this kind of crap would not be happening. Why are Texans having gay sex with each other instead of oppressing wetbacks? We gave Texans a state so they could beat back Mexico. Why haven't Texans finished the job and invaded? Hmmm? I might have to use the word "pussy" and "boot licker" and "republi-commie" some more. Pointing out Texans are gay is like pointing out that blacks are stupid. Everyone thinks its OK to say blacks are better athletes. What if your culture valued athletes more than smarts? Oh wait, sorry, wrong state. Must think in Texan. My commie heritage is showing. Anyway, Thomas Sowell explains the equality dogma here.

Some more links on why John Kerry is an idiot, uniformly hated by veterans (despite the lies of the media who think he is "respected"- FOX news included) here and here.

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