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Saturday, March 13, 2004
Looks like we're back to searching for "high value" ragheads In Afghanistan. Hmmm, "ragheads" may not be accurate. Nightshirts? Bath-robists? Native American Talibani Indians?
Now - this "high value" - would it be because of extra rags? Extra false bravado? Extra stinky?

I know we aren't searching for the people that caused 9/11 - the pilots of the planes - they all died.
I know we aren't searching for the money men. The people that provided money used for 9/11 to the pilots were the French and the UN.
I know we aren't searching for root causes. That was the idiot democrats driving their SUVs and demanding IRAQI love juice and giving their money to ragheads all over the middle east to keep themselves doped up on love juice, instead of using good Texan love juice or Penguin love juice from the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

Hmmm, Interesting. Oh Well, I like killing Indians in bath robes as much as the next man. I must point out that in the Texan Wild West they let everyone shoot the Indians. Didn't have to be part of the government to do it. That's what happens when you let a democrat like W be president. No killing.

Fuck France has some rhetorical questions:

When Islamics :

Kill civilians with planted explosives for their shitty asshole god.
Beat up Jewish people.
Slit children's throats in Algeria.
Strap explosives to themselves and murder innocent men, women, and children once again for their shitty asshole god.
Beat their women.
Rape their women.
Beat children.
Rape children.

Then it must be :

American's fault ?
George Bush's fault ?

And some observations on the french:

Simplefrench, this is what I mean when I call your nation Socialist:

When I say "rights", I think 'protection', you think 'free-handout'.
When I say "taxes", I think 'theft', you think 'investment'.
When I say "public", I think 'government', you think 'society'.
When I say "private", I think 'free', you think 'greedy'.
When I say "corporate", I think 'productive', you think 'evil'.
When I say "state", I think 'land', you think 'people'.
When I say "government", I think 'force', you think 'salvation'.
When I say "capitalism", I think 'freedom', you think 'corrupt'.
When I say "socialism", I think 'slavery', you think 'unity'.

Those are the differences between our two tribes.

I believe in the individual, you believe in society. But society doesn't have a will without suppressing the will of the individual. Therefore I see it as slavery. The individual has a will of its own, and must be free.

You think it is society's role to provide for the individual.
I think it is the individual's role to provide for itself. You don't want to work, I do want to work.

Now here's the main difference between our nations.. ready?

In my country, you would be a poor welfare leeching off the government, but only considered a lazy bum.

In your country, I would be a productive hard-working individualist in the private sector, but I would be considered greedy and evil.

I wonder why conservative troll-zines say the republicans are French?:

When it comes to political ineptitude, this year's prize goes to the Republican party of Virginia. For 130 years, all the way back to Reconstruction, the GOP tried to seize control of the legislature from the old Boll Weevil Democrats. In 1999, the Republicans finally captured majorities in both the state house and senate, and the party leaders have now rewarded voters for their good sense by proposing the biggest tax increase in the state's history. The $3 billion GOP-sponsored tax hike has ignited a civil war within the party and has stunned political observers not just inside the Old Dominion, but around the country.

Virginia's debacle comes on the heels of a financially chaotic year for many other states - in which eight of the ten largest tax hikes nationwide were signed into law by Republican governors, including Bob Taft of Ohio, Kenny Guinn of Nevada, and Dirk Kempthorne of Idaho.

Hmmm... I think its time to ask ourselves: Who Wouldst JESUS Kill?

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