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Monday, March 15, 2004
Osama bin Texan has been committing thought crime again, imagining the French capturing Osama. The NYT has been culpable in this conspiracy to commit thought crime by writing:

Bin Laden Nearly Caught in Afghanistan, French General Says.

First of all, this is a complete disgusting outrage, everyone knows there is no such thing as a French general. And even if there were, it would be a frog and frogs just plain can't be generals. They just aren't human. This is almost as stupid as saying there are Russian generals. In, Russia there is only one general: General Winter. It was General Winter that kicked the Nazi commies' asses. The Russians were just sitting it out and drinking vodka trying to keep warm.

Speaking of Russians here is some more about Russian elections:

"To rule this country you need a huge amount of power, you need to use a strong hand. Stalin wielded this power by killing millions but Putin does it in a democratic way," said Natalya, a pensioner.

[I assume she means Putin is going to kill millions of Russians in a democratic way. It's a safe assumption, if you're a Russian.]

But the former KGB agent with steely blue eyes is genuinely popular among Russians, half of whom think that the country "always needs a strong hand," while only one-fifth oppose authoritarian power, according to a recent poll by Romir Monitoring.
"A lot of Russians want a repressive and authoritarian state," said Mark Urnov, an analyst. "They think that people must be afraid of the state in order to respect it."
Some 340 observers from the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe, who called December's legislative elections "free but not fair", monitored Sunday's vote.

Not fair??? God these western commies are idiots. Russia has been a democracy for a long time now. It was a democracy under Stalin and it's a democracy now. This is just what happens when you let commies engage in a PERFECTLY FAIR vote. COMMIEMOCRACY. Just like in the US. Who is stupid enough to believe that commies aren't going to vote for other commies? God, and do you know what the worst thing is? Putin is a much better more capitalist Tsar then Kerry or W, that's what. Dumbasses.

To punish the whining crybaby idiots, we Soviet Texans are going to outsource the NYT to India, starting with that pompous ass Thomas Friedman:

That is what I told Mr. Friedman as they took him away. "Mr. Friedman, thanks to the fact that I have your job, I won't become a suicide bomber. And that alone is worth it, is it not?"

To which he replied, "Give me back my fucking job! We'll bomb you if we have to, I just want my fucking job back!"

I just hope, for America's sake, that in the weeks since I replaced Thomas Friedman he has had time to reflect and that he's gotten with the program. History is like a game of cricket. There is only one winner. And you better root for that winner. Most Americans are going with the winning team, that team being history. The Democrats so far haven't picked up on that. Will they, though, before it's too late?

This is making me commie stabbing mad:

It is fair to say that most Leftists [Bad Commie: I assume the term refers to anyone standing on my left] are either insane or opportunistic. What sane or ethical person would embrace the socialist philosophy of Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot? Yet that is precisely what the Left is - the belief by some that humankind can be perfected through dictatorship, slavery, and the genocide of undesirable peoples or ideas or values. If we can just exterminate the Jews, the Kulaks, or capitalist greed, Leftist utopians have promised, then heaven will appear on Earth.

But the fruits of 100 years of socialist experiments have been more than 100 million murdered human beings killed by Communism and perhaps another 40 million killed by Adolf Hitler's National Socialism, the slightly smarter but equally evil near-twin of Marxism.

Added to this death toll have been more than two billion slaves. Communism stole from these people their right to liberty, their pursuit of happiness, and their right to the fruits of their own labor. These people were conscripts, slaves whose lives were spent in coercion, forced to build somebody else's pyramid, somebody else's absurd utopian dream - in exactly the same way that slaves 150 years ago had their lives and labor stolen to build someone else's plantation house and Scarlett O'Hara dresses.

These experiments have, without exception, refuted the utopian claims Karl Marx made for "scientific socialism." The idea does not work. It is too far from human nature to work. It produces only dictatorship, suffering and death. Socialism kills. Socialism is theft. It is a pretty, poisoned flower that has always produced poisoned fruit.

But the toxin in this fruit intoxicates many. It does feed one dark aspect of the human soul - the covetousness, envy and impulse to steal from others that are marked out as evils by the 10 Commandments.

Marx called religion the opiate of the masses. He was wrong.

Today Marxism is the opiate of the masses. It is the drug of choice for millions who think as if they are part of a herd or lynch mob instead of as free, rational individuals.

Dumbass. What does he have against lynch mobs? Lynch mobs are free, rational and individualistic.

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