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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Readers, Lets face it. It's a disgrace that this blog had to be written. A disgrace because so many Americans (Texans) -- and so many others around the world (Commies)-- still cling to the notion that Stalin (Kerry) doesn't deserve the opprobrium that has been visited on Hitler (Bush). This needs correction, even though it's decades after the fact (only one fact).

Original here.

Well, to be fair, this blog would have been a disgrace even if God hadn't invented Commies, but that's a side issue.

Anyway, lots of lieberals seem to be wanting to vote for Mass Murdering Serial Killer Communist John Kerry for President. Well, BAD COMMIE CAN VOTE TOO.
That's right. You heard it right:

And since you fuckers insist on voting for commies, Bad Commie has got some surprises for you. Oh yeah, some real surprises.

First, the front runner and incumbent for president is so far ahead that there is no way he can lose. No matter how much you idiots bitch and moan there is no way the Soviet Cowboy can lose. It's just a fact. He's more moral, smarter, tougher and meaner than you fuckers, and you weasels are going down. That's right. You're going down like Monica Lewinsky.

How you idiots can think that someone who is already president of one country and has a 70% approval rating can lose is beyond me. Are you guys retarded? There is no way that Putin, the clear front runner, is going to lose for US president. I repeat, he's already president of one country and he has a 80% approval rating. 90% percent.
You idiots are toast. That's right. I'm writing in Putin for US President:


That's a pic of Putin in Texan Siberia. And this is what Russians think:

By the time the president roared into Krasnoyarsk late Thursday night, the signs remained in place along his motorcade route. But a campaign slogan that might possibly be misconstrued as attacking the president was as close to an electoral threat as Putin faced here in the Siberian heartland.
Over the course of less than 24 hours, the president met only with pre-screened audiences of local university students, regional governors and educational leaders and took no questions from the news media. He kissed no babies, gave no autographs -- his pen froze in the Siberian frost -- and asked for no one's vote.
The president, declared one such granny, had yet to earn her vote. "He hasn't really proved himself in any significant way over four years," said Galina Uluchenko. "People don't know who to vote for," added her neighbor, Zena Zelivanova. Whether Putin wins or not, she said, "we're not expecting anything good."

As you can see, Russians have negative expectations, are not asked for their vote, and do no waste their time criticizing the tsar. And he has a 95% approval rating. With facts like that, there is no way Putin is going to lose in the race for the US presidency.

And that's not all. Aside from electing Putin, I'm going to show you commies good. For every single other office, I'm writing in Stalin. He's going to be carrying out MY orders.

You think electing a commie for president is funny, don't you? We'll, I'll show you funny. I'm voting for Putin and Stalin on the Libertarian Ticket.

We'll see who has the last laugh.

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