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Sunday, March 28, 2004
Unelected grey french, german and belgian bureaucrats have decided that they want to steal 600 million dollars from a true American capitalist - Microsoft:

Smith argued that Microsoft's settlement proposal, which he said included an offer to release a worldwide Windows version that included three competing media players besides its own, would have been more useful to consumers than the penalties.

He called the order to produce a version of Windows without media software an "unwarranted and ill-considered" violation of intellectual property rights under World Trade Organization rules.

Doing so, he said, would be difficult and make other features and even some Web sites work less effectively.

Scum sucking bureaucrats don't care about the efficiency of anything, however.

The shadow corrupt monsters want to build statues of themselves. Statues located only in france, belgium and germany and certainly not in Poland which will not get nearly the same benefits going to french farmers, even though Poland has better food and better farmers. These statues are so that fine european pigeons can poop in fine french style.

This is a decision based on 5 year old technology, and the laughable remedies are based on trying to take concerns from 5 years ago and apply them today. The remedies are clearly against the public interest. They are merely grand theft european in the same style as the last thousands of years. Furthermore, it is not the "EU" that made the decision to steal, there is no such thing as an EU in the first place. It is an unelected commission of thieves and corrupt assholes known as the European Commision. They couldn't even be bothered to involve the kangaroo courts that the corrupt asshole citizens of france and germany use to prosecute their own special (i.e. stupid enough to get caught) murderers. Why is "Capitalism Magazine" too pussy to write about this? Is "Capitalism Magazine" only for capitalism in the intellectual french sense? Maybe US Capitalism a bunch of commies?

Here is what a "french intellectual" says:

Angered by the assault against a nation he knows and admires, the distinguished French intellectual Jean-Francois Revel has come to America's defense in "Anti-Americanism," a biting and erudite book that (paradoxically, given his country's specially vehement attacks on the U.S. and its policies) spent several weeks on top of France's best-seller list. Revel believes that what he calls the "anti-American obsession" is based on a willful disregard of the most obvious facts of American political and social life, its economic freedom and democratic traditions. He sees much anti-Americanism simply as anti-capitalism in disguise on the part of those--in Europe and the rest of the world--who are still committed to doctrines that are at heart illiberal and even totalitarian. In probing the origins of the notion that America is the source of all evil--imperialistic, greedy and ruthlessly competitive--he shows how these charges ultimately stem from weakness and envy on the part of those who make them and are a neurotic effort to find an easy explanation for Europe's own loss of status in the postwar era. As far as America's "unilateralism" is concerned, Revel asserts that the U.S. is forced to act alone because Europe has repeatedly failed to act in the cause of collective security. As far as America's sins of "globalization" are concerned, Revel shows that the developing countries of the world want more, not less access to rich markets and corporate investment. Jean-Francois Revel explores the strengths of America and exposes the agendas of the anti-Americans in his own country, in Europe and around the world. Revel's clearheaded analysis of the protestors' motives shows what they're really marching for and what the world will lose if their anti-Americanism should ever take hold.

Hmmmm. Bad Commie may have to be a french intellectual bad commie if this shit goes on much longer. "Bad French Commie".

Speaking of unelected corrupt bureaucrats, the 9/11 commision is exploring the actions of the various Clinton officials and their so called "policy to mildly dislike terrorism except when it's done by good people at heart".

The grey monsters are all talking about how they were fully accountable to each other and they did everything that they could have humanly done. This whole talk of accountability is a complete and utter farce. Accountability can only come from a public official being accountable to the people that elected him. The accountability can only take the form of a firing or death. Removal from power, or removal from life. Ethically, morally, and logically, that is the only scenario under which there can be accountability. And ethically, morally, and logically that accountability can either take the form of early recall from office or execution. A bureaucrat can't be accountable by the definition of the word accountable.

There are a lot of morons (like Sandy Berger and Madeline Albright) talking about how the federal bureaucracy could not make the decision to kill a "bathrobist" like Bin Laden, because the bureaucracy had to fully cover its ass for all actions. Well, let me tell you, unelected grey bureaucrats in positions of their power can not cover their ass from my reach! Their assertion that they did everything they could and that they fully needed to cover their ass is a non sensical statement. So, when these idiots fail to hire a thug to kill a thug, the responsibility is all theirs. Why was there a 10 zillion step process to authorize the use of force against foreigners on foreign soil? This use of force on foreign soil does not fall under US law. What is the fucking problem here? Send a bunch of Texan citizens to do the job, if the army of the Arkansas retard stops at too many fast food places. Why do we need to get the federal bureaucracy involved at all? Just have a contest to see who can kill the most al-queda, and award a cow to the winner. Heck, some Texan will donate the cow. Give a Texan a couple of cluster bombs and he'll bring peace to the middle east in no time too. And while we are at it, instead of having "under god" in the pledge of allegiance, let's have "united against communist filth like the democratic french party and other bathrobists".

Moving on, here is a very disturbing web page called "Cool Commies":

If, as The Producers has proven, fascism can be funny, then communism can be downright hilarious. Crimes against humanity notwithstanding, the inherently comic potential of the once-monolithic East Bloc--shoe-pounding dictators, steroid-crazed female weight lifters and Russian jazz--has been a staple of everything from Get Smart to Steve Martin's Wild And Crazy Guy shtick.

In other disturbing news, the internet may be enabling communism instead of hindering it. I am stabbing my computer just in case as soon as this blog is done.

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