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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Check this out, it turns out that disgusting communist unstabbed filth decided to do a study about how to better do political brainwashing by monitoring the brainwaves of victims. The hypothesis of these particular drooling mongoloids was that republican voters would have more violent response to images of 9/11 because, as everyone knows, all republicans are violent and stupid. They did their experiment desperately hoping to "prove" their hypothesis, the same way the Joseph Mengel wanted to prove "facts" about Jews.

Anyway, it turns out that science stabbed the disgusting communists!

The researchers do not claim to have figured out either party's brain yet, since they have not finished this experiment. But they have already noticed intriguing patterns in how Democrats and Republicans look at candidates. They have tested 11 subjects and say they need to test twice that many to confirm the trend.

"These new tools could help us someday be less reliant on cliches and unproven adages," said Tom Freedman, a strategist in the 1996 Clinton campaign, later a White House aide and now a sponsor of the research. "They'll help put a bit more science in political science."

In the experiment with Mr. Graham, researchers exposed him to photographs of the presidential candidates, commercials for President Bush and John Kerry, and other video images, including the "Daisy" commercial from 1964. In that advertisement, promoting Lyndon B. Johnson against Barry Goldwater, images of a girl picking petals from a daisy were replaced by images of a nuclear explosion.

When Mr. Graham emerged from his hourlong session in the magnetic resonance imaging machine, the researchers had no questions for him, but he did field an old-fashioned one from a reporter wondering what had most impressed him. He cited two images: the Sept. 11 segment of the Bush commercial and the nuclear explosion that the "Daisy" advertisement suggested would be a consequence of electing Mr. Goldwater.

"I was shocked at how much political capital Bush is trying to make out of 9/11," Mr. Graham said. "But I found it kind of interesting that Johnson was using the same kind of technique against a Republican."

The researchers had already zeroed in on those images and their effect among Democrats on the part of the brain that responds to threats and danger, the amygdala. Mr. Graham, like other Democrats tested so far, reacted to the Sept. 11 images with noticeably more activity in the amygdala than did the Republicans, said the lead researcher, Marco Iacoboni, an associate professor at the U.C.L.A. Neuropsychiatric Institute who directs a laboratory at the Ahmanson Lovelace Brain Mapping Center there.

"The first interpretation that occurred to me," Professor Iacoboni said, "is that the Democrats see the 9/11 issue as a good way for Bush to get re-elected, and they experience that as a threat."

But then the researchers noted that same spike in amygdala activity when the Democrats watched the nuclear explosion in the "Daisy" spot, which promoted a Democrat.

Mr. Freedman suggested another interpretation based on his political experience: the theory that Democrats are generally more alarmed by any use of force than Republicans are. For now, Professor Iacoboni leans toward this second interpretation, though he is withholding judgment until the experiment is over.

Check out the twisted attempts by the welfare queen to deny the truth above. How about the theory that the democrats are violent drooling racists morons, you idiots! You can bet that was the original hypothesis given that the experiment was supposed to come out the other way! Anyway, I don't see how the New York Communist Times can print this with a straight face. Oh... Right... COMMUNIST Times. DIE COMMIES DIE DIE DIE! STAB STAB STAB!

Also, check this out:

One of the Georgia Tech students I met with was Ruth Malhotra, the president of the College Republicans and a public policy major who is at the center of a firestorm in the school. Ruth had to withdraw from a required public policy course after being harassed by her professor for her political views.

In the first week of classes, Ruth indiscreetly told her professor that she was going to Washington to attend the Conservative PAC conference (an event I spoke at). The professor responded, "Then you will probably fail my class." The first test in the class Ruth got an "F". Ruth is an A student at Georgia Tech, on the dean's list. The professor frequently made abusive and derogatory remarks in class directed at conservatives and Christians. These incidents climaxed during a class discussion about George Bush's health care policy. When Ruth defended the President's policy, the professor said, "You don't know what you're talking about. George Bush isn't doing anything for you. He's too busy pimping for the Christian Coalition."

Ruth withdrew from the class. At the moment she is still being required to pay for the course and has a "W" on her record. She is working to get both removed

Ahahahahahaha! A W! Imagine that! Her grade is W! I wonder how she expects to remove this scarlet letter painted on her by the communists? I suggest that she proudly wear the letter and concentrate on stabbing commies.

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