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Sunday, April 04, 2004
Let's make a list of Bad Commie Friends and Bad Commie Enemies:

Unstabbed Commies
Pre-Stabbed Commies
Over Stabbed Commies
Understabbed Commies
Just Right(once a second) Stabbed Commies
Hip Euro Racist Commies
Commies who can't appreciate a good commie stabbing
The Commie Human Jesus Christ
Commies stabbed with sub par knives
Commies stabbed with extra large knives
Commies stabbed with two knives at once
Commies + any combination of the letters of the alphabet

Hated French Intellectuals
God, The Commie Killer
Terrorist Texans (Osama bin Texan)
Suspiciously Excitable Attorney Generals
Stalin (stabbed lots of commies, also it's never good to say anything bad about him)
Bad Penguins who use Microsoft
Religious fundamentalist left wing michael moore supporters

Hmm. Very interesting. Using this list as a guide, maybe Bad Commie has some other friends? For example, is the Taliban a Bad Commie Friend? Bad Commie Taliban?

Here is some first hand reporting about the Bad Commie Taliban [spelling corrected]:

Here he had also called a Taliban representative. And this person did his best to dispel all the rumours about the Taliban regime. According to him, women were allowed education and jobs, specially in the health and police sectors. Thieves hands were cut off, because that is Islamic law. In the three years since the Taliban had come to power, only 25 to 30 people's hand were cut off, from the whole of Afghanistan! Behold the power of the Islamic Law. Due the strictness of the laws on adultery and fornication, there were no cases of rape, adultery or fornication in the last one year. Subhan Allah! They were not as backward as one might think. They had Hariana Airline flights running from Kabul to Qandahar thrice a week, and he gave a whole schedule of their flights too. And speaking about the Buddha stones they had destroyed, he said the Prophet had also ordered statues to be destroyed once Mecca was conquered. As for leaving other people's worship places untouched is concerned, no one came to the sites for worship, so it was quite useless to keep them there anyway.

On the whole, the Taliban were not bad at all. The Western media had painted one of the worst pictures of Muslims ever. One must bear in mind the agenda of the Western media, that is to break us Muslims, and Islam as well. And here they shall not succeed
Europe 100 years ago were still debating if women were the property of their husbands and if they had any independent rights, had the Islamic world come and bombed Europe to liberate the women how would that have been perceived.

What impresses me was that in the last 200 years or so the talibans were the first truly independent government free from external influence, especially influence from corporations.
[that one is a Bad Commie favorite]
Brother, please don't use this term human rights. This is a kufr concept that is alien to Islam.
[Bad Commie: agreed, commies have only one right: to be stabbed]
May be the term itself is alien to Islam. But in my opinion it is not a kuffar concept. You are making it sound as though Islam does not care about the rights of humans (remember huquq al ibaad). Recall the situation of the poor and needy people at Mecca before Islam came. Remember how Women were treated before Islam came. Remember how orphans were degraded before Islam came. Remember all those things that Islam eradicated. As Muslims, we are supposed to take care of the poor, the needy, the orphans, the widows, the homeless. Remember the Zakah is a Fard institution upon Muslims precisely because there are people in society who always need our help. When there are people who need our help, those who are better off have a responsibility upon them to correct that which is wrong. I hope you get my point.
What is freedom of speech? This doesn't exist anywhere in the world, least of all in Islam. Muslims shouldn't have the right to utter any nonsense. This is why we have the quran and ahadiths. If we cant find the answers there, then we use our common sense. We cant voice whatever takes our fancy. We have 2 recorders on our both shoulders, who will record everything we say. We have to make sure that we say something useful and helpful and unharmful that will increase our rewards in the hereafter or say NOTHING at all.

I really don't understand people who say in Islam there is no freedom of speech. Of course there isn't. As humans we need Allah's law to rule us. Take a good example of the morals of those who exercise this so-called rights of freedom of speech. They take Shaitan as their intimate friends.
The BBC even interviewed some Sikhs people in Afghanistan when the Taliban introduced wearing saffron scarfs for non-muslims. The Sikh man surprised the reporter by saying thre Taliban were treating him fine. The reporter was surprised and could have made the excuse that the man was under duress, but he didn't. Instead he tried to make a connection with the Nazi yellow star that the jews had to wear, the analogy ofcourse was incorrect.

I'm not saying the Taliban were intellectuals, their PR handling was awful, but they were religious if you know what I mean, like Saudi but not complete puppets. Better they were in power than what Afghanistan is now.

Also, the japanese confirm the above first hand accounts that the taliban are great:

"The Taliban Are Well Liked" --A Japanese doctor's up-close observations contradict overseas reports:

"This talk of the Taliban being vicious and disliked doesn't fit with reality." Nakamura says the fundamentalists have wide support from the population, particularly in rural areas. "Otherwise, how can they rule 95% of the country with only 15,000 soldiers?"

[Bad Commie: Heh Heh Heh. How did Stalin do it?]

Signing off,
Bad Commie Taliban

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