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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Looks like Osama really does read this blog:

"Bush and his gang, with their heavy sticks and hard hearts, are an evil to all humankind. They have stabbed into the truth, until they have killed it altogether in the eyes of the world.

"With this behaviour they have encouraged hypocrisy, and spread vice and political bribes shamelessly at the level of heads of state.

Does anyone know how to search all the Osama speeches for references to "stabbing"?

Actually, he sounds like a normal democrat. I don't see what the big deal is. Wait, maybe Osama is Ted Kennedy?
How do you stab into the truth? I think he means they have "slowly killed the truth with their lies". Or did they kill the truth with the truth?
Hmmmm, if the truth is dead, then what is left? Exactly which truth got killed, anyway? I wonder of it was some kind of "endangered species should not be allowed to evolve" or "let's end the dependence on mideast oil by never developing any of our natural resources" democratic truth? Anyway, I hope Bush stabbed that commie truth good.

And why does Osama use British spelling?

In other news, Ashcroft is getting mad at all the retards criticizing him for enforcing the laws congresses passes. So he puts the smack down, tearing at the throat of his communist attackers like a weasel on PCP:

During Tuesday's proceedings, Attorney General John Ashcroft (search) pointed out that a 1995 memo written by Gorelick during her tenure as a second in command at the Justice Department helped build the "walls" that, according to Ashcroft's testimony, prevented the FBI from being able to effectively communicate and go after terrorists.

"We did not know an attack was coming because for nearly a decade our government had blinded itself to its enemies," Ashcroft said in his opening remarks. "Our agents were isolated by government-imposed walls, handcuffed by government-imposed restrictions and starved for basic information technology."

Calling Gorelick's role in setting Clinton Justice Department policy an "inherent conflict of interest," House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., on Wednesday urged Gorelick to resign from the commission because of the conflict.

"I believe the commission's work and independence will be fatally damaged by the continued participation of Ms. Gorelick as a commissioner," Sensenbrenner wrote.

"Commissioner Gorelick's memo directing a policy that 'go[es] beyond what is legally required' indicates that her judgment and actions as the deputy attorney general in the Reno Justice Department are very much in question before the commission."

Sensenbrenner noted that Ashcroft called the Justice policy in question "the single greatest structural cause for September 11 ... [and] embraced flawed legal reasoning."

Good one, Asscraft! I'm getting tired of drooling communists from both parties criticizing you. Right Wing News explains this extra clearly:


Sept. 11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick said today that she planned to grill witnesses from the Bush administration to "find out why they failed to stop me when I allowed thousands of known criminals and terrorists enter the United States between 1993 and 2000."

"This is simply incomprehensible," said Gorelick, a former official on the Clinton administration's Department of Letting In Dangerous Foreign Terrorists. "Some of these people were so bad, the Clinton White House seriously considered returning their campaign donations."

Ooops, I sense that the democracommies are going to have to do some serious truth stabbing on this one.

In other news, Bad Commie got banned again. This time a partisan liberal racist who projects his own racism onto republi-commies couldn't handle the questioning of his assertion that "black people can't be republican". It's just inconceivable to him that niggers are allowed to better themselves by joining the republi-commie party. Only the democra-commie party can give niggers their true place as victims of the white trailer trash called the republican party. Never mind that slavery was and is a black and arab problem and that Europe lagged far behind America in banning slavery. Facts don't enter into it.

Anyway, that makes five bannings in less than half a year! I put them on the sidebar:

Sites that banned Bad Commie

Ann Coulter does not tolerate questions [I asked why, if Joe Mccarthy was so great, didn't he actually kill any commies?]

Conservatives do not tolerate questions[same question]

Liberals do not tolerate questions[I said I would stab anyone who attempted to steal the dollar bill from my pocket]

Partisan Liberal Racists want to project their own racism onto other people without any backtalk[confronted a nigger hater with his own racism by using the word nigger]

Excessive murder of Indians by the US must not be questioned[I didn't feel violently killing ALL palestinians was appropriate. Bad Commie was only willing to go as high as 70%]

More Coming Soon!

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