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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Unburned witch Hillary CantKeepHerMan Clinton says:

A lot of the money Americans spend is wasted on care that doesn't improve health. A recent study by Dartmouth researchers argues that close to a third of the $1.6 trillion we now spend on health care goes to care that is duplicative, fails to improve patient health or may even make it worse. A study in Santa Barbara, Calif., found that one out of every five lab tests and X-rays were conducted solely because previous test results were unavailable. A recent study found that for two-thirds of the patients who received a $15,000 surgery to prevent stroke, there was no compelling evidence that the surgery worked.

In situations in which the benefits of intervention are clear, many patients are not receiving that care. For example, few hospitalized patients at risk for bacterial pneumonia get the vaccine against it during their hospital stays. A recent study in The New England Journal of Medicine by Elizabeth McGlynn found that, overall, Americans are getting the care they should only 55 percent of the time.

As a whole, our ailing health care system is plagued with underuse, overuse and misuse. In a fundamental way, we pay far more for less than citizens in other advanced economies get.

Hmm, fair enough. The shrieking unburned witch is making some sense. I guess the shock of losing her man to a fatass can do that to you. I agree with her - doctors are disgusting serial killer communists that need to be stabbed. Unfortunately, communists keep on buying the "no care health care", driven to do so by the ignorant cries of unburned witches like Hillary CantKeepHerMan Clinton. Of-course, the unburned witch later mentions that the solution to our health care problem is doubling everyone's taxes and putting her in charge of a new bureaucracy.

I've got a couple of logs out back that will make a rousing good bonfire.

The Communist Times Contradicts itself about health care in another article:

It is one thing for politicians to address the uninsured out of a liberal-minded generosity to poor workers. That makes for nice speeches. But this is different. If even healthy members of the professional class are just an entrepreneurial itch away from discovering they are uninsurable, maybe they will decide it is time to really fix things. And when that happens, perhaps they will fix them for everyone.

Moving on, I found this excellent story of the real life Stalin vs Hitler battle. An Excerpt:

1. Razliv*, many years ago
Lenin: That's not bad, my dear chap, but thewe's** one mistake you're makin'

2. Lenin: The laws of histowical inevitability*** are our stwength. You must learn**** to make the laws obey you.

* A place north to St Petersburg. In July 1917 Vladimir Lenin were hiding here from officials in a hayloft, and wrote "The State and Revolution" considered to be one of his most important works.

** Not unlike robot Walter, the Judge Dredd's servant, Lenin was not able to correctly pronounce "r" before vowels.

*** Presumption of historical inevitability is a corner stone of Marxism-Leninism.

**** The process of learning was extremely important for every member of the Party. Lenin used often to say: "To learn, to learn and to learn once again!"

Hmm. Commies "learn" continuously? Was there something wrong with them the first time they heard the information? Oh right, stupid people also have to learn continuously.

In other interesting news, republicans think W is a democrat:

[talking about Kethcup Prince] So far he doesn't seem like a possible president. He seems somewhat shifty, somewhat cold, an operator. He has a good voice but he seems to use it most to slither out of this former statement or that erstwhile position. It's OK that he looks like a sad tree, but you can't look like a sad, hollow tree. And it looks a little hollow in there. As if Iraq is an issue Kerry feels he has to handle deftly, and not a brutal question we have to solve, together. As if homeland security is an issue, or civil defense, or preparedness. They're not issues. They're life and death. Mr. Kerry doesn't seem to know.

Which is why he isn't gaining traction, or gaining purchase on the president. The Democrats and their nominee say on one day that Mr. Bush ignored terrorism, and on the next that he exaggerated the threat. They say his administration didn't give enough time to planning Iraq, then they say he was obsessed with Iraq. They say he's dimwitted and gullible, then they say he's evil and calculating--he cooked Iraq up in Texas, in Ted Kennedy's phrase.

You know why they can't define what's wrong with Mr. Bush? Because they don't even know what's wrong with him beyond that he is not them, not Mr. Kerry, not a Democrat.

Can the Democrats win this way? No.

So if you democrats can't see how Bush is different than their nominee, then the democrats MUST think W is a democrat, right? Hmmm. This would explain a lot. W must be one of those neo-democrat traitors to the revolution or something.

More disgusting lies from the New York Communist Times. They are talking about how rich ultra elite NORTH EAST AND CALIFORNIAN colleges don't want to educate poor people any more. So lets see, democrats are tired of educating poor people. Actually they seem to be tired of housing them too, with their communist land development policies which quadruple rent. I predict that pretty soon they will actually start killing them and saying the republicans are forcing them to do it.

Don't worry, dear readers, I still have my many knives and I know just what to do with them.

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