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Saturday, May 01, 2004
Check out this "compassionate" conservative Douglas Kern ranting about how mass murdering communists should NOT be punched on the nose:

My years as a prosecutor made me a connoisseur of broken noses. Every Monday, a battery of battered women would trundle into the grand jury room, full of reasons why their loutish husbands and brutal boyfriends should get counseling, not jail time. Week after week, I placed victims in the witness chair and asked the same tired questions and endured the same old lies and rationalizations. Sometimes I stared at my victims' noses. They had twisted noses and flat noses; noses skewed to the side and jacked up to a point; noses with irregular planes and sudden drops and unlikely facets; noses that had been broken before, and would be broken again. And who were we to say differently? It's a free country, the women reminded us, and they had the right to love whom they pleased, and to live as they pleased, and to be beaten as they pleased.
One woman who repented of her choices told me about her wedding day. Her soon-to-be husband had beaten her about the face on the night before the wedding. When the loving couple arrived at the judge's office in Kentucky, he laughed out loud. "Lord, he thumped you good last night!" the judge exclaimed, as he examined her black eyes and swollen cheeks. Then he married them. They had a right.
What exactly is the "culture of liberty?" Let me answer that question personally: the culture of liberty is what made me free. Tax cuts are great, but they didn't make me free. Ayn Rand novels are spiffy, but they didn't make me free. We recognize a host of rights -- to pornography, to alcohol, to government benefits, to due process under the law -- but these "rights" did not make me free.

The love of my parents made me free. Their discipline and moral guidance gave me the tools to discern right from wrong, and to reason clearly. That guidance helped me reject the stultifying faux-liberalism that my expensive "education" foisted upon me. Religion gave me the tools and traditions to reject the stranger premises of this era. The organizations and clubs to which I have belonged taught me how democracy really works -- not as an abstract Emersonian ideal, but as an imperfect vehicle for the management of grubby selfish people. These experiences taught me the value of human dignity, and how to think and act in a manner worthy of that dignity. I learned to love freedom enough to die in its defense, and perhaps more remarkably, to live in its defense. In short, I learned to be free.


The force that made me free was not a set of laws, or a strong economy, or an unbeatable military. A culture made me free. The learned, lived experience of wisdom in our society -- our history, our traditions, and all the rhythms and cadences of a free people living honest lives -- made me free. Laws, economies, and militaries serve man only insofar as they protect and nourish those cultural influences that make and shape citizens.
The libertarian language of rights and rationality lends itself to a superb criticism of the suffering that states inflict. But that libertarian language speaks hardly at all to individual, existential suffering -- to the harms that evil, mortality, and loss wreak on every life, every day, everywhere. If libertarianism cannot speak to personal suffering -- the most definitive of human experiences -- ought we to enshrine it as our highest ideal?

An enlightened paternalism will not reshape the world, or re-make human nature; neither will it heal every hurt. But wise statesmanship will acknowledge that men, with all their flaws and shortcomings, will fall short of the libertarian ideal in certain specific areas, particularly relating to sexuality and reproduction. As these shortcomings may lead men to select degradation over ennoblement, and as such choices may endanger the future of a free society, a government may legitimately promote policies that favor families over the absence thereof; that favor children over sterility; that extol the value of freedom over the horror of oppression; and that prefer churches, benevolent societies, and all of Burke's "little platoons" over naked individualism. We must have a society in which judges may say: "It is grotesque that you have beaten this woman. Your marriage would be a mockery. I will not solemnize it." If such a society bruises our precious rights, then so much the worse for our rights.

Libertarianism is sometimes tempted towards the Promethean fallacy -- towards the belief that freedom will triumph forever, if explained carefully enough, often enough. I deny that libertarianism alone can sustain a free society. I believe that freedom is fragile -- exquisitely beautiful, easily abused, often broken, and much in need of protection. Like a nose.

First, I would like to disassociate myself from the lunatic rantings of this unstabbed communist. No true commie stabber (i.e conservative) is compassionate in any way. Compassion is disgusting communist filth. Well, maybe I could use my best dressed knife for stabbing this particular traitor to America and the HOT BUTTERED COMMIE DEATH FOR WHICH IT STANDS. Second as a Bad Commie democrat, his suggestion that government benefits do not make me free is outrageous. Completely fucking unacceptable. I demand free high quality knives from the government stolen from the Chinese at the point of a gun and made by Chinese slave labor. That knife will make me free. As a Bad Commie Republican, his suggestion that Ayn Rand novels do not make me free is the vilest form of treachery. He needs to go back to France - where he came from. And as Bad Commie, the stupid fucker needs to understand that FREEDOM does NOT need to be PROTECTED. Only a retard raised on parental welfare wants the government to "protect" freedom. The government is pathologically incapable of protecting ANYTHING. It can only steal, burn, pillage and loot. In short, it can only act like a democrat. This is what democrats do:

See that? A DEMOCRAT did that. A DEMOCRAT dressed that woman in a burqua (and then beat her). The democratic state of Saudi Arabia is run by disgusting welfare loving democrats. And just like our very own ones at home in America, they love to do this kind of stuff. They orgasm over it. More details of the story here and here.:
Rania al-Baz said her husband, Mohammed al-Fallatta, beat her so hard earlier this week that he broke her nose and fractured her face in 13 places.
The reason why he beat me up was very trivial, we had an argument in which we exchanged no more than four sentences.

He had no reason for attacking me this way, but it wasn't the first time he was violent, although he had never been that violent before.

Here is an opinion by a Saudi Man on the whole thing. As I said in the comments:

Power and control is good, you moron. They are a sign of adequate gifts AND intelligence.

What's bad is that the women don't have guns, not some lack of disgusting communist mass murdering values of "protection". Protection IS HOW THEY GOT INTO THIS MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I submit that the reason all democrats, even the feminazis, love to beat women and blacks is because they are welfare loving, property right hating, mass murderers who love the fact that democrats like Stalin murdered 100's of millions of people. It's their own goal in life. A hundred million people is made up out of a lot of beaten women, fellow commie stabbers. I am going to start stabbing before commies beat again.

Let's compare the actions above with W's heroic efforts in Iraqgypt:

Now, the all the world's communist papers started printing that this was "torture" at first. Bad Commie immediately knew that this statement by Saddam lovers was a bald faced lie. I could tell by looking at the pictures. If there was torture you would see bruises and missing body parts, like when the democrats do it. Now the American Anti American papers have had to back off and say it was merely "abuse". Ok, commieporters, why is "abuse" note worthy? It's not you drooling mongoloid property haters. This is just good old fashioned American fun. Can someone explain to me exactly why it is wrong for Boston soldiers to dress Iraqis up as witches so they can pretend they are having Salem witch trials? I would say this is a stroke of genius, as a matter of fact. Iraqis ARE witches! Excellent! Burn them, Burn them! Oh, and even if there was torture, which there wasn't in this case, Bad Commie would still approve it. All Communists should be tortured to death.

Another example of the benefits of W's rule to Iraqgypt:

See this? W is teaching Iraqis how to stack themselves in pyramids so they can build more of the big ones that Iraq has. W is EDUMACATING their culture about its own benefits. And the commies have the nerve to say that playing legos with iraqis without hurting them is somehow wrong. What's wrong is when you BEAT people commies. Not when you play legos with them.

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