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Thursday, May 06, 2004
Dear Coliseum Spectators!




I notice a lot of commie dickhead crucified weasels think that killing IRAQI murderers and rapists is wrong. I notice that these same dickheads think that it is wrong for female soldiers to treat rapists like filth that they are. Let's see, why would anti American zeropean french democratic beaver droppings care about people like these:

d. (U) Mr. Adel L. Nakhla, a US civilian contract translator was questioned about several detainees accused of rape. He observed (sic): They (detainees) were all naked, a bunch of people from MI, the MP were there that night and the inmates were ordered by SGT Granier and SGT Frederick ordered the guys while questioning them to admit what they did. They made them do strange exercises by sliding on their stomach, jump up and down, throw water on them and made them some wet, called them all kinds of names such as gays do they like to make love to guys, then they handcuffed their hands together and their legs with shackles and started to stack them on top of each other by insuring that the bottom guys penis will touch the guy on tops butt.

Why do these women hating and black skin family destroying democrats think that we should apologize to murderers for abusing murderers? Why are we supposed to apologize to nazi jew haters, people who think "contempt of government" is a crime, people who cheered as 9/11 happened and to people who dragged the corpses of American civilians in the street? Is it wrong to put women's underwear on the head of a Saddam loving rapist? Why are these same people not condemning arab filth for putting a burqua on EVERY woman's head? At least you can SEE out of the underwear. Why is the communist filth not protesting when far worse abuses happen in every US prison in democratic states?

Welcome to the truth, commie dickheads.

You think women soldiers who mildly mentally disturb rapists are an "army of scum" ? WELCOME TO THE KNIFE, COMMIE SCUM. IT'S TIME FOR A STABBING!

From the politburo:

They're prisoners of war. They're SUPPOSED to be humiliated. They were humiliated but not physically harmed, oh, the horror!

Where was the outrage of the world in March 2003 when it was learned that the Iraqis had bound the hands of a dozen American prisoners of war with barbed wire, then poured diesel fuel on them and burned them alive? You could hear crickets chirping.

Where was the outrage of the world in March when the Arab terrorists in Fallujah kidnapped and murdered four American civilians and dragged their mutilated bodies through the streets? The Arabs danced in the streets and their sympathizers here wrung their hands and said "we must try to understand why they hate us so."

Where was the outrage of the world last week when the Arab terrorists in Israel murdered a pregnant woman in her car in Israel, then shot her four daughters, and videotaped the act, complete with the dying screams of a two-year-old girl? I don't hear any outrage. I hear crickets chirping.

Fuck them. Fuck them all. Fuck them all in the ass. Fuck them all in the ass with a rusty chainsaw. This war should have gone nuclear before sundown Eastern time on September 11th, 2001. These filthy Arab savages think they're in a position to make demands? Who the fuck do they think they are? And our President is going hat in hand to kowtow to these sneering savages who will always hate our living guts? What the hell?

It's two and a half years past time to start making unarguable statements about who is in a position to make demands of whom. Turn Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Lahore, Islamabad, Damascus, and Tripoli into radioactive craters. Fallujah, Tikrit, Gaza, Ramallah, and Nablus, too. Then we'll see who demands apologies of whom.

I have reached the point where I no longer care about moral arguments. The Arabs started this war, and by their choice of targets and their behavior they have given up any right to complain about harm to their own civilians or supposed mistreatment of their cowardly inbred IQ-55 "soldiers" who surrender. The Arabs started this war and whatever happens to them, they are bringing on themselves. I no longer care about what the Euro-peons and the traitorous fifth columnists in the US say is write or wrong.

These lying, thieving, inbred, Bronze Age throwback savages are killing Americans and I *do* care about that. And I want the Arab children of today, and their children, and their grandchildren, and their great grandchildren, and all their descendants, forever, and anyone else who is thinking about attacking the US, to have nightmares about what happens when you start a war with America, until the end of time. Fuck Europe and fuck Prince Bandar and fuck the Ayatollahs and fuck anyone who says different. In the ass. With a rusty chainsaw.

Extracted from: GULAG inmate #6 at May 6, 2004 06:38 PM

Extracted from: Bad Commie at May 6, 2004 07:13 PM

More Truth:

Where the Truth Has No Name
by David Vance

Speaking of the recent photographs showing alleged instances of abuse by US and UK soldiers of Iraqi prisoners, the Satellite News TV presenter summed the position up with admirable if alarming frankness. It really doesn't matter if the photos turn out to be fakes, the fact is that Iraqis have seen them and it will confirm their worst fears about the American occupation. Welcome to the land where the truth has no name.

That's a whole heap of prejudice for just one short sentence in a news report but this is symptomatic of what is being served up every hour every day across the spectrum of the global leftist media, and understanding this omnipresent prejudice should help us to recognize that the liberal media will say and do anything to damage President Bush in this election year. We need to accept this inconvenience, stop trying to win liberals' approval and focus on winning the war. This is why the US military withdrawal from Fallujah was such a bad idea sending the wrong message to our friends and enemies.

Whilst our troops are bravely fighting the terrorists in Jihadistan, some sadly laying down their lives in pursuance of providing freedom for Iraqis, the rancid liberals that infest the mass media are pulling out all the stops to undermine their brilliant successes, to besmirch their proud reputation, and to provide succor for the watching enemy.

Consider the prejudice in the reporter's comment that, "It doesn't matter if the photos are fake or not." So truth is irrelevant when determining the veracity of what is happening in Iraq? Well, maybe that's true! After all, the media delighted in splashing images across our screens showing what they termed "the photos Bush didn't want you to see" - being the returning coffins of US soldiers killed in Iraq. When it transpired that the images concerned were actually those of the astronauts tragically killed when the Space Shuttle Colombia space exploded, a discrete silence descended. Why let facts get in the way of an anti-Bush headline?

The further implied prejudice -- that these images will "confirm" Iraqis' worst fears about America -- is also deeply repulsive. How do these reporters know what Iraqis' worst fears are about anything, let alone America? It's just my guess but I reckon the worst fear an Iraqi might have had prior to the US-led liberation was to stand and watch whilst a family member was fed, head-first, into a human-shredding machine, and then be made to pay for the funeral expenses. That is one fear that the US and UK troops have removed from Iraqis but it seems of trivial consequences to some intrepid reporters out to hammer Bush.

Here's a thought. Maybe what these liberal reporters betray is their own deep-seated loathing for their county? Might it be that they are transferring their own visceral dislike of the US onto ordinary Iraqis, many of whom are quite content to see the reassuring presence of American and British troops on the ground? I suggest that conservatives' worst fears about liberal bias in the media are manifest in this sort of "reporting."

The key media objective was to splash images across the world that it knew would embarrass the US and UK governments and ensure that undecided Iraqis had reasons not to support the liberators of their country. The likely consequence of this is that more of our soldiers will die as newly-emboldened terrorists strive to drive a dagger through the heart of the Coalition.

One factor curiously missing from all these liberal news reports is the precise nature of those captured Iraqi prisoners. Time after time they are presented as if they are noble freedom fighters whose only crime has been getting caught whilst trying to throw off the yolk of American despotism. The Euro-weenie media have taken to calling them the "Iraqi Resistance." Every attempt is made to convey spurious credibility upon them.

The fundamental truth is that those who have been taken prisoners by US and UK soldiers are the vile remnants of Saddam brutal army of oppression who, together with imported Jihadists, have set out to kill as many Coalition troops as possible. These are the people who delight in desecrating the bodies of dead Americans. These are Saddam's spawn and whilst no one condones any unwarranted abuses of prisoners a little bit of context might go some way to explain the images.

Groucho Marx once said, "I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on, I go into a different room and read a book."

Is it any wonder that liberals can't watch enough television?

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