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Monday, May 24, 2004
The end! The end!

Au revoir. Your friend, Chuck


Awww, How cute. It's too bad that you're to cowardly to actually say what you think because - you could end up being wrong - for example.

I assume you surrender then?
I'll tell Teddy K he can come and pick up his new worker. His check better not bounce this time.

Bad Commie Friend,
Bad Commie

P.S. Free Entertainment isn't Free


That wasn't a good enough response to take time to answer. I thought you could do better. Try Again!

Your Friend,



Lately, with all this talk of Bush-Hitler and Stalin-Kerry, I've been noticing a lot of interesting articles about "nazis" in the news.

The term nazi is completely misused by 99% of the media. Nazi should be used to mean "jew killer" but in actual practical use it refers to "national socialists" or "capitalists" or some arbitrary meaningless distinction. Of course, the current governments of europe are far more "nationalist socialist" in the ideological sense than the nazi party ever was. That doesn't stop people for misusing the term to identify someone who they think believes some nebulous political thing as nazis. In actuality the one and ONLY thing that was bad about Germans was that they killed jews. There was no other aspect of their policy that was the least bit objectionable or different from current European Policies. However, today, the word nazi just means someone whom you object to for some random reason. It has lost its real meaning - that of "jew killer". Note how that meaning correctly labels palestinians and all muslims as nazis, which they are.

Here is an excellent remembrance of the insightful germans:

"The Danger of Americanism"

American culture, ranging from the music to the political ideas, is seen as a threat to the young in Europe:

Americanism is certainly not a spiritual movement, nor is it a worldview that it is possible to oppose at the intellectual level. Its political beneficiaries have tried in recent years to give it, if not a face, at least a program or a goal: "the American Century." It is a collection of empty promises of the type democratic orators have always made - but this time on a world scale. There is nothing in them to excite a reasonable man. But that is exactly the point of Americanism! The key is not what it promises, but what it cannot promise. The key is not what it demands of men, but what gives them. [...]

One should not underestimate the danger of Americanism, or its seductive power. It offers devotion to a culture of nothingness, independence, lack of restraint, a freedom from all obligation, from all honor, from all consideration.

By now you may realize this anti-American text is not of recent origin It was printed in Das Schwarze Korps, the Nazi SS weekly, on 14 March 1944.

I guess this statement was not really meant as a compliment:

As strange as it may sound, it is the only serious competition to National Socialism's racial worldview in the struggle for the youth, in the struggle for the future of humanity.

And, of course, all through these writings, the Jews are running and controlling America. These days, more "sophisticated" critics call them "neo-conservatives."

The full German Article is here:

Here is another article. In this one the author completely misunderestimates what the word nazi really means (i.e. jew killer - like I was saying above):

Nazi nutritionists stressed the importance of a diet free of petrochemical dyes and preservatives; Nazi health activists stressed the virtues of whole-grain bread and foods high in vitamins and fiber. Many Nazis were environmentalists; many were vegetarians. [Including Hitler himself.] Species protection was a going concern, as was animal welfare. [Reichsmarschall Hermann Ghoering barred vivisection in all scientific work noting the "unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments" and he threatened to commit to concentration camps "those who still think they can treat animals as inanimate property."] Nazi doctors worried about overmedication and the overzealous use of X-rays; Nazi doctors cautioned against an unhealthy workplace and the failure of physicians to be honest with their patients
The Nazis had established the link of smoking to lung cancer decades before public health officials in Western democracies acknowledged this fact. In fact, Nazi Germany first established the tobacco-lung cancer link in the late 1930s. Smoking was banned in public places. Even soldiers were barred from smoking openly on the streets. "Sixty of Germany's largest cities banned smoking on streetcars in 1941 and smoking was banned in air-raid shelters. Â… Smoking was banned on all German city trains and buses in the spring of 1944; Hitler personally ordered the measure to protect the health of the young women serving as ticket takers." An educational campaign blanketed the Third Reich with information and propaganda urging pregnant women not to smoke for fear of harming the unborn child. The Nazi state attempted to "curb asbestos exposure" and to "secure food quality."

How are we to understand this? Did such measures run counter to Nazi ideology or in tune with it? In fact, Proctor's account demonstrates that such public health measures were in perfect synchronization with the National Socialist state's insistence on a fit population and on preserving and increasing the fitness of the already fit; or those with the potential to be so. The unfit were dealt with in other ways, as we know. The "pioneering" work of the Nazis in the area of public health is something we prefer not to think about: How can those who were so monstrous undertake efforts that the vast majority of "right thinking" Americans support? And how to explain the direction the Nazis moved, in any case?

Proctor draws our attention to some interesting facts. For example: "physicians joined the Nazi party in very large numbers," as did some "60 percent of all biologists." Germany at the time of the Nazi rise to power was already the most "powerful scientific culture" in the world, "boasting half of the world's Nobel Prizes and a sizable fraction of the world's patents." Along with extraordinary innovations in basic physics and engineering; dangerous to the Allies, given the potential for applications to weaponry; were similarly advanced and successful programs, including the most "successful cancer prevention program of the era." Aggressive breast self-examination programs were launched, urging women to detect tumors "at an early stage; Germany's seems to have been the first such campaign anywhere in the world." Proctor points out that such campaigns did not begin in the United States until some three decades later. Nazis deployed physicians to factory floors to oversee the health and safety of workers (Proctor adds that Germany was "the first nation to recognize lung cancer as a compensable occupational disease for uranium miners").

There is more. Nazi "nutritionists mounted a frontal attack on the Germans' excessive consumption of meat, sweets, and fat, and argued for a return to 'more natural' foods such as cereals, fresh fruit, and vegetables." Repudiating the public/private distinction central to liberal societies and liberal political philosophy, the Nazis declared that the personal was indeed the political. One slogan declared: "Nutrition is not a private matter!" Each person's diet was a matter of state concern, for the state was responsible for the health of the body politic. Hitler himself declared that "reforming the human lifestyle" was "far more important" than anything else he might accomplish. Hitler loathed obesity and launched campaigns against it both within the ss and in the polity at large. Mothers-to-be were urged to "avoid alcohol and nicotine during pregnancy and while nursing"; one poster that blanketed the Reich urged prospective mothers to "Drink soft cider instead!"

Very interesting.

To conclude, Here is what commies are saying about Bad Commie Blog:

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