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Saturday, May 22, 2004
More Chucky!

From: "Bad Commie"
Subject: dear chuck "i love to steal" turner

Dear Chuck “I love to steal” Turner,

You say that its not high taxes (to pay for – incompetent teachers, for example) that are
keeping black people down. So, what DOES keep minorities (except for Jews, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Canadians, Irish, Free Masons and Non Commies) down? What is your favorite excuse? Certainly, any actual community of black people should be free to pool its resources. The rich people in the community would be able to help provide the community the equivalent of as high taxes as you want.

Now it is true that Shrubby likes his friends and takes care of them. But doesn’t everyone like their friends and want to take care of them? Or are you suggesting that friends should not be taken care of, because, to avoid discriminating against enemies, one should beat his friends as well as his enemies? Now that would be a principled stand I could support!

It’s true, I did “read” the WSJ. Since I was firearms deprived as a child, and since they don’t let me shoot things in this state, I had to find something to read.
I am guilty. I apologize. I will try not to “read” in the future. It just confuses and infuriates me. I will not engage in this so called “reading” any more.

Now, moving on to your ridiculous excuse that its lack of money that is the problem in the educational system. During the Clinton years we had lots of extra money and never bombed anyone, and the schools still sucked. Hmmm? And if you look at the childhoods of a lot of very smart men, you will find that the common factor is poverty and the burning desire for self improvement. It takes being poor in order to succeed.
It's time to face the truth -- some schools suck because the teachers, administrators, school board, parents and especially all students have very low IQs.

You also assert that someone owes you some kind of debt because some people you never knew were slaves. I can dig it. I like free money as much as the next man. I’ll endorse reparations to abused people, especially those that are kept in jail as slaves. And the community responsible for the crimes of those people should have to pay those reparations (i.e the black community). I’ll also support the execution of anyone who robs a black person. Of-course, most crime is black on black, and that taxation counts as robbery. Again, you have an excellent and principled position. I’ll even do you one better. I order to right the wrong, I am going to let black people keep slaves. Guess who? That’s right! Iraqis! And Kennedys! BTW, I have proof that Ted Kennedy has black slaves in his secretive compound. I know this because I sold him a drunk black homeless guy who fell asleep in my shrubbery but the fucker's check bounced.

You say that the 38% of Dems who voted for slavery were the Dixiecrats Republicans who joined the republican party. Is that why you’re racially oppressed in the completely and utterly democrat controlled state of MA?

Moving on, Now it is true that some people (that you personally don’t know anything about) being slaves is bad. However, the dems have done more with 10 years of welfare than was done in 350 years of slavery and oppression. That's why they switched from slavery and oppression to freedom and welfare in the first place. Get it?

Your Bad Commie Friend,

Bad Commie

P.S. Are you unhappy? If you are who is to blame?
In a state that is utterly democrat controlled?
Is MA a land of opportunity, good jobs and cheap rent and rising black middle class ?
No, that is Texas.

B.C. (Hey that's really an appropriate
nickname) Thanks for keeping in touch.
Keeps me sharp.

First let me respond to the T shirt.

1> High taxes and regulations are not
what keeps us down. The Republicans are opposed to them cause they believe it keeps them down. However, Bush has used his four years to take care of his friends. By the way, B.C., why do you bother reading that ultra liberal rag, the WSJ,

2. If the government did not spend over 1/2 of the discretionary money our government has on war, we would have enough money to fund a good public education system. Even the republican controlled state legislature voted to not follow the guidelines in Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, since it doesn't , provide enough money for them to do what Bush is ordering them to do.

3)All I can say is that afer 200 years of slavery and another 150 of oppression, this country has a big debt.

4) The Dems who voted against it were the Dixiecrats who joined the republican party.

5) 350 years of slavery and oppression did the

I think that it is amazing that we have survived given the beating that we have taken at the hands of the invaders of the Native Lands. The soldiers of all races are the true victims.

Your Friend,


P.S. Can't you do better. Try again. It was kind of boring. Try harder.

-----Original Message-----
From: Bad Commie
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2004 11:42 PM
Subject: regarding the letter to your

You just sent me back:

"Letter to My Constituents Regarding the 5/11/04
Press Conference and Its Aftermath"

It's kind of entertaining how you blame the NYT owned Globe for Bad Reporting. I doubt you are concerned about Bad Reporting by them when its in your favor.

However, are you going to bother to repsond to the insults in my original email? I know the Globe sucks. Who cares about that? No one, that's who. I want to know about YOU and your attitudes towards black people and US soldiers. I don't give a shit about the globe.

So please allow my previous email to enrage you enough to repsond.

Bad Commie

[I needed some help stabbing from Osama bin Texan, since Chucky was slippery]

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