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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Time for a Bad Commie movie review of the movie Troy, with Brad "Fight Club" Pitts!

I just saw this latest pornographic Hollywood movie called "Troy". It had lots of good violence porn for men and lots of good Brad Pitt American sex porn for women. I was looking at some of reviews of it and normal people loved it, while idiots who thought they had some kind of classical education (i.e. they want themselves to be perceived as a authority on something) didn't like it because they were well, raving retarded liberal elitist "intellectuals", I assume. In other words, they can't win a debate so they tell you that you must pay attention to their ranting drivel because they are somehow "smarter". In the sense that a dead commie is smarter than a live one.
So while the movie was pretty good, this whole Troy thing and even the classical Greek culture thing is, of-course, a complete fabrication. Everyone thinks Homer was a blind illiterate drunk who lived 500 years after the so called war of Troy. Yet, communist historians believe the fictional Homer's "well researched tale". Their excuse for believing some tale told by a drunk boy lover about some puffed up drunk Greek dress wearing homosexuals is that bards can accurately reflect what happened 500 years ago. Gee, really? I thought most bards were outrageous drunks and liars.
Anyway, so the desperate intellectuals went to some story tellers in Serbia and saw that their tales matched some made up book about things that happened 500 years ago. This is supposedly proof that Homer wasn't a filthy degenerate communist Greek (like all Greeks) according to the History Channel. God these fucking "historians" are a bunch of desperate shitheads. How about **I** tell a Bad Commie story?
And that's what I think about the movie Troy.
[Check out more about the filthy Greeks in this essay by filthy Muslims desperately trying to avoid being blamed for jew killing. They say the Greeks made them do it!]

For the real story of the movies and Hollywood culture, check out this exceptionally clearsighted essay. Some excerpts:

"Two of the enduringly popular myths of the history of American film are that Hollywood gave birth to the movies and that the industry's pioneers were Jews who had immigrated from Europe. In truth, the American motion picture industry began on the East Coast as the exclusive dominion of the urban American turn-of-the century entrepreneurial elite . . . . Among these companies, the most powerful was the Wizard of Menlo Park, Thomas Alva Edison, the head of the studio that bore his name.
Not content with suppressing economic competition with monopolistic market practices, Edison turned to gangsterism. "Edison, frustrated by his inability to wipe out his competition, resorted to hiring goon squads. They smashed the nickelodeon arcades and set block-long fires in the neighborhoods that housed them. All the while Edison justified his actions in the name of preserving the nation's morals." (Ibid.; p. 49.)
After initiating a California legislative investigation of Hollywood labor activist Herb Sorrell (a personal and professional enemy of Disney's), Disney acted as vice-president of the Motion Picture Association to cause the House Un-American Activities Committee to upgrade its putative presence in Hollywood. "Disney was instrumental in pointing the organization [HUAC] in the direction of its first "Communist radical crackpot," Herb Sorrell. This wasn't the first time Disney had gone after Sorrell. Early in 1942, after his success with the Cartoonists Guild, Sorrell had founded the Conference of Studio Unions. . .
"As far as Disney was concerned, the CSU was all part of the same Communist conspiracy that had struck his studio and continued to threaten all of Hollywood. As early as October 1941, barely a month after the studio strike ended, Disney had contacted Jack Tenney, chairman of the newly formed Joint Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities of the California Legislature and urged him to go after the strikers. After turning over all the photos taken during the walkout, he urged Tenney to launch an investigation of "Reds in movies." Tenney took his cue from Disney and did just that. The first witness he called was Herb Sorrell.

That's right! Disney is Joe MCcarthy! I may have to uncensor Disney!

Here is another excellent article about the movies:

But even these films didn't always have the desired result. Shinn also told me about a NFB film from 1941, which he isn't showing Sunday, called War Clouds In The Pacific. It warned of an impending attack by the Japanese.

Did it do any good? Probably not.

"The film came out about five days before Pearl Harbor," Shinn said.

Anyway, enough about fake life. Lets turn to real life, which is much more outrageous and entertaining. Check out this essay on fRench hypocrisy, first printed in New Zealand.

As France prepares to host one of the grandest commemorations celebrating the victory over Nazi Germany, an unsavoury chapter of its World War II history has been laid bare: the treatment of thousands of children born of French mothers and German soldiers during the Nazi occupation.

A new book, Enfants Maudits (Cursed Children), has documented harrowing accounts of blighted lives, of children shamed by local officials, shunned by their neighbours, mocked by their schoolmates and shunted from foster families to orphanages, of mothers scurrying from village to village, desperate not to be caught by the mobs who searched for scapegoats for their own wartime deeds.

In their adulthood, some of these children would attempt suicide. Others have seethed all their lives in a pit of resentment for the way they had been forced to shoulder their nation's shame.

In the months and years after its liberation in June 1944, France was a place of turbulence. Its people were penniless and many, far from being the resistance heroes they preferred to paint themselves, were former collaborators, spiritually crippled by the way they gave help, directly or indirectly, to the Nazi occupiers.

Such was the poisonous cauldron into which these children were tossed. These infants were born not of rape nor prostitution, but of relationships, sometimes of convenience and often of love, between German soldiers - "les Boches" (the Krauts) - and young Frenchwomen.

Exactly how many of these war children were born is unknown. The authors of Enfants Maudits - Jean-Paul Picaper, a long-time correspondent in Berlin for Le Figaro, and Ludwig Norz, an archivist at the Germany military records, also in Berlin - suspect that as many as 200,000 were born between 1940 and 1944.

Some are likely to consider this figure extraordinarily high but they base it on the growing number of applications for information to the archives by French citizens.

Lifting the veil on the lives of these women and their close relationships with German soldiers has revealed another uncomfortable fact: German troops, far from being fought and resisted at every step, were readily accepted into French society.

They were attractive because they had money, access to food and consumer goods, and many were polite and cultured, far from being the brutes of stereotype.

"Being posted in France was always regarded as the easiest part of the war for German troops," German historian Wilfried Rogasch told the Herald. "After France surrendered [in June 1940] and there was a puppet regime, the soldiers had a wonderful time going to good restaurants and enjoying the cultural life. It was quite different from what was going on along the Eastern Front."

Enfants Maudits is the first book to document the punishment visited on France's children for the sake of their German fathers. But just as is intriguing is how the book has fallen flat.

It has drawn no media fanfare and sales are rock-bottom. In contrast, the second volume of the memoirs of Charles de Gaulle's son has pride of place on bestseller lists across France, propelled by huge coverage in the newspapers and weekly news magazines.

"It is because it is too embarrassing and painful for the French," says Robert Gildea, professor of Modern French History at Oxford University and author of a book on France during the occupation, Marianne in Chains.

"They have digested the Holocaust and they can blame that on Vichy. But they haven't answered the subsequent questions which follow on from that - the part France played in rounding up Jews, how they reacted to the deportations, and their role in earlier measures to throw the Jews out of work and take their businesses."

Other episodes of France's wartime history have been dragged into the daylight, giving a far less flattering impression compared with the legend promoted by de Gaulle of a nation that rose as one against the Germans. Yet none of these episodes has dealt directly with the traumatic settling of scores that went on.

In 1992, Klaus Barbie, the former head of the Gestapo in Lyon, was put on trial for ordering the deportation of Jewish children to Auschwitz. It was only in 1997 that the former Prefect of Bordeaux, Maurice Papon, was tried for the deportation from France of 2000 Jews.

These trials and the rapprochement between Paris and Berlin have provided many French people with the means for dealing politically with the past, but dealing with the emotional complexities of occupation is traumatic.

The social wounds inflicted by the daily compromises of having to survive under German occupation are harder to deal with. The pain is felt through the generations, and even now the response is denial.

"Basically the French are still wedded to the idea of the resistance," says Gildea, "and follow what de Gaulle said in 1944, that only a handful of wretches did the wrong thing and everyone else was a good Frenchman

Ha Ha Ha Ha! I may have to show support for new Zealand by ordering my russian sheep brides from there!

In more outrageous news, here is an essay by a vicious mass murdering nobel peace prize winner Jose Ramos-Horta (no, not the Asshole Arafat, another asshole). Basically this nobel peace prize winning mass murdering criminal thinks its OK to HoooAH Iraq:

In almost 30 years of political life, I have supported the use of force on several occasions and sometimes wonder whether I am a worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Certainly I am not in the same category as Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu or Nelson Mandela. But Mandela, too, recognised the need to resort to violence in the struggle against white oppression. The consequences of doing nothing in the face of evil were demonstrated when the world did not stop the Rwandan genocide that killed almost 1 million people in 1994. Where were the peace protesters then? They were just as silent as they are today in the face of the barbaric behaviour of religious fanatics.

Some may accuse me of being more of a warmonger than a Nobel laureate, but I stand ready to face my critics. It is always easier to say no to war, even at the price of appeasement. But being politically correct means leaving the innocent to suffer the world over, from Phnom Penh to Baghdad. And that is what those who would cut and run from Iraq risk doing.

Oh well, he won't be alive much longer. We're going to censor him by lynching, right fellow democrats? Lets call him a Nader!

Actually, The internet is great place to censor people. Here is a perfect example of censorship. Check out the book reviews for "Losing Bin Laden: How Bill Clinton's Failures Unleashed Global Terror"

Here is a book pointing out that democrats are not perfect. Now, I didn't actually read this, but I did manage to entertain myself for free by reading the reviews. The reviews run about half and half, as is the usual when truth is told about the other side. However, if you sort the reviews by "most helpful reviews" you will see that somehow the most helpful reviews are democrats. What had to happen for this? Well, basically, every nazi raper racist (democrat) deliberately went out of his way to click on the conservative reviews as unhelpful and the one line ad hominem insults as helpful. This perfectly exposes the truth hating and censoring nature of democrats terrified of the truth. The conservatives didn't bother.

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